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How Much Do Wedding Flowers Cost?

Julia Thompson 08 Apr 2022
How Much Do Wedding Flowers Cost? featured image

How Much Do Wedding Flowers Cost? Let's Break It Down Together!

If you're wondering how much wedding flowers cost, you're not alone! Many couples have this same question, and some may even experience a bit of "sticker shock" when receiving quotes for their flowers. Unfortunately, there's not a one-size-fits-all way to determine your flower expenses. Some couples only spend a few hundred dollars on flowers, while others spend thousands.

We've done some research, and have come up with a quick guide to answer your questions, and help you determine how much wedding flowers actually cost!

How Much Do Wedding Flowers Cost? Two friends design DIY flowers for a wedding, helping to keep the cost low

The Average Cost of Wedding Flowers

Popular bridal resources are also talking about wedding flower prices:

  • Zola reports that couples tend to reserve 8-10% of their budget for florals.
  • WeddingWire found that most couples spend between $700-$2500 on flowers, although some spend an upwards of $4,000 or more.
  • According to a survey by The Knot, the average cost of wedding flowers in 2021 was $2,300.

Meanwhile, our FiftyFlowers customer care team sees our DIY couples spend an average of $500-$700 on flowers after having their consultation. As you can see, those who DIY their flowers tend to spend significantly less, which brings us to our next point...

How Much Do DIY Wedding Flowers Cost?

When you hire a florist, you pay for two separate things: 1.) Flowers 2.) The time it takes to plan and design them. If you can design your own flowers, you'll cut out the second part of that cost!

So how much will DIY flowers actually save you? recently broke down how much wedding flowers cost by type of arrangement. Let's compare their numbers to some of our favorite DIY arrangements and see how much you can save!

(Please note that these estimates are approximate, and that prices will vary from order to order.) 

1.) Bridal Bouquet

The average cost of a bridal bouquet, according to, is around $250. However, this DIY bouquet would only cost around $76 to create using bulk flowers! That's almost 70% in savings!

  • Average Cost: $250
  • Estimated Cost of This DIY Bouquet: $76
How Much Do Wedding Flowers Cost? A budget-friendly DIY bridal bouquet created using roses and greenery
RECIPE: 5 Stems Italian Ruscus + 5 White Roses + 3 Leonidas Novelty Roses + 3 Peach Roses + 4 Quicksand Roses + 4 Stems Orange Wax Flowers + 15 Stems Assorted Eucalyptus

2.) Ceremony Structures

Filling your arch with flowers creates a stunning affect for your ceremony, however floral arches can certainly impact how much your wedding flowers cost! The same source from tells us that the average cost of ceremony structures is anywhere from $1500-$4000! Luckily, this beautiful arch can be designed with wholesale blooms for around $315.

  • Average Cost: $1500-$4000
  • Estimated Cost of These DIY Arch Flowers: $315
How Much Do Wedding Flowers Cost? Affordable pink and burgundy arch flowers with white fabric created by a DIY bride
RECIPE: 3 Stems Dusty Miller + 5 Ranunculus + 2 Stock Flowers + 3 Protea + 7 Dahlias + 3 Anemones + 45 Stems Assorted Eucalyptus + 6 White Roses + 6 Pink Garden Roses + 12 Mini Carnations + 8 Stems Ruscus + 12 Pink Spray Roses

3.) Centerpieces

Did you know that centerpieces can cost an upwards of $120-$600 each? If that feels a bit steep for you, there are plenty of budget-friendly options for table decor. (Check out this blog for a complete list of ideas.) Not to mention, this stunning centerpiece made from wholesale flowers only costs about $40 to recreate!

  • Average Cost: $120-$600
  • Estimated Cost of This DIY Centerpiece: $40
How Much Do Wedding Flowers Cost? This bride kept the cost of her wedding flowers low with DIY peach and bronze centerpieces
RECIPE: 2 Bronze Football Mums + 2 Peach Peony Roses + 1 Honeybee David Austin Garden Rose + 1 Vanilla Cream Petite Spray Rose + 1 Mixed Eucalyptus Centerpiece + 2 Peach Spray Stock Flowers + 1 Bronze Upright Amaranthus + 3 Blue Thistle

What Impacts the Cost of Wedding Flowers?

As you start to explore how much wedding flowers cost, you may find yourself wondering where these prices come from. Recent world events, supply and demand changes, labor shortages, and weather conditions have all impacted flower costs. For a complete explanation of these circumstances, check out this video from our Founder and CEO, Liza Roeser.

How to Cut Down on Wedding Flower Costs

While you can't control outside circumstances that affect flower prices, there are still ways to keep costs low. We have a variety of online resources dedicated to this exact topic! Here is some of our best advice for budget-friendly flowers:

1.) Consider DIY Flowers

As we covered, arranging your own bulk flowers can seriously help your wedding flower budget. Before diving into your DIY flowers, we recommend scheduling a consultation with one of our flower experts.

You should also note that DIY flowers will take a little extra time and commitment! Make sure you have a team of loved ones that can help you pull off your flower dreams. Our YouTube and blog are also full of resources to help you learn the ins-and-outs of DIY flowers!

How Much Do Wedding Flowers Cost? A DIY flower set up with tools and wholesale flowers, perfect for cutting down wedding flowers cost

2.) Choose Affordable Flowers

Each type of flower is different, and some happen to cost a little more! When ordering your flowers, consider which types you want to splurge on, and which ones you can save on. If you love show-stopping garden roses or proteas, we say go for it! At the same time, consider completing your arrangements with more affordable blooms like stock flowers or carnations.

Ordering flowers that are in season will also help lower how much your wedding flowers cost. Late spring through early summer is prime Peony season. Meanwhile, Dahlias bloom most abundantly from mid summer to early fall!

How Much Do Wedding Flowers Cost? Woman holding a bunch of light pink carnations, which are one of the most affordable flower types

3.) Scale Back and Prioritize

In the era of Pinterest weddings, it's easy to fall in love with grandiose flower arrangements before seeing their price tag. Budgeting for florals is all about prioritizing what's important to you. If your heart is set on an elaborate arch, you might go for some simple bud vases on the reception tables. On the flip side, if you want your reception space to be a flower wonderland, you might opt for a more minimalist ceremony backdrop!

4.) Repurpose

Finally, we suggest finding more than one purpose for as many of your flower arrangements as possible! Place your bridesmaids bouquets in vases to double them as centerpieces. Make your arch flowers detachable so they can be moved to your head table. Better yet, move your arch to sit behind you at the head table, like the picture below...The possibilities are endless!

How Much Do Wedding Flowers Cost? A bride and groom sit at their head table with their ceremony arch behind them

For more tips and tricks, check out our "15 Ways to Save on Flowers" blog.

Hidden Flower Expenses to Budget For

Like most things related to wedding planning, there can be sneaky hidden costs associated with florals. If you are hiring a florist, these expenses may already be covered in their quote to you, but it's important to clarify with them if you're unsure. For those designing their own flowers, set aside some of your floral budget for these additional wedding flower costs:

1.) Floral Supplies

Make sure to plan for all the tools and supplies you will need to both take care of, and design, your flowers. Some key tools include buckets, scissors, floral foam, wire, floral tape, and flower food.

How Much Do Wedding Flowers Cost? A flat lay of flower supplies, which should be included in your estimate of wedding flowers costs

2.) Accents and Decor

In addition, you'll need to plan for the "finishing touches" for your arrangements. Do you have ribbons to tie your bouquets? Have you found vases for your centerpieces? Do you need fabric to cover your arch?

3.) Shipping

Ordering flowers online often involves paying for shipping and handling. In an effort to make things more affordable for our couples, FiftyFlowers offers free shipping on ALL ORDERS! No minimum order necessary.

Discover Your Next Steps

How Much Do Wedding Flowers Cost? Woman creates DIY flower arrangement with white flowers and pampas grass


Now that you have a better understanding of how much wedding flowers cost, it's time to take the next steps. Start by determining your floral budget, and then find inspiration on Pinterest or our Make This Look page!

Once you've got your vision nailed down, you can schedule a consultation with a flower expert who will help you pick our your flowers, or start shopping wholesale flowers by color or variety. Your flowers will ship FREE, straight from the farms to your arms. We'll be here for you throughout every step, and are always available to give you our advice and to answer your questions!

Originally Written By Leah Britt


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First Photo - Lead Photographer: Mon Soleil, Photographer: Chelsea Rousey Photography, Event Design: Brooke Casey Weddings, Floral Design: Kim Starr Wise Floral, Jewelry:  Aurosi Jewels, Rentals: Pure Vintage Rentals, Bridesmaids Dresses: Jenny Yoo, Hair: Ali Vasquez Hair, Make Uo: Melissa Vaccaro, Venue: II Mercato, Production: Ruffled, Models: Ginger Dufriend and Riki Shaw, Floral Provider: FiftyFlowers

Second Photo - Photographer: Julianna Stephens, Bride and Floral Design: Lauren Fox, Venue: The Ponds, Flowers: FiftyFlowers

Third Photo - Photographer: Jon Sharman Photography, Bride and Floral Design: Lauren Brewer, Flowers: FiftyFlowers

Fourth Photo - Photographer: Emily Kate Willson, Bride and Floral Design: Leigh Anne Riggs, Flowers: FiftyFlowers

Fifth, Seventh, Eighth, Ninth Photo - Credits to FiftyFlowers

Sixth Photo - Photographer: Andrea Cuneac Photography, Floral Design: Arms Of Persephone - By Regan Smith


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