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Best Wedding Colors: 25 Dreamy Color Palettes

Leah Britt 22 Dec 2021
Best Wedding Colors: 25 Dreamy Color Palettes

(Originally written by Kristi Kellogg, Updated by Leah Britt)

Looking for the best wedding colors for your big day? One of the first wedding planning tasks is choosing your color scheme — that important decision influences all aspects of your wedding, from flowers and boutonnieres to bridesmaids' dresses and linens. But with so many beautiful colors and seemingly endless color combos, figuring it all out can be overwhelming.

That's why we've rounded up 25 of the best wedding color combos. Read through to get inspired! You just might find the color palette of your dreams among these choices.

As you browse, remember that color will be instrumental in setting the tone and mood of your big day. Deciding what wedding vibes you want to channel will help you narrow down your list of possible colors and combos. You can also look to your venue or the season for color inspiration.

However you choose, just remember: there are no wrong choices. When it comes to choosing a wedding color scheme, you just have to go with your gut! When you find the right color palette, you’ll know. You won’t need any neon signs pointing to the right choice.

So read on, get inspired, and discover the ultimate list of the best wedding colors!

1.) Green, Navy, Pale Blue, and Gold

We can't get enough of this gorgeous wedding palette of green, navy,pale blue, and gold. Navy and gold are shades that are pretty set in stone. There’s not a lot of variety with them, but you can change your shade of green to work with the color palette and your wedding decor. Outdoor weddings will look great with these colors because they’ll draw greens from nature and provide a bold pop of navy blue. We'll be seeing more of this light dusty blue color in the coming year, making this palette perfect for the trendy and modern bride. 

gold and dusty blue wedding table with white roses

Photo by Valorie Darling

2.) Peach, Sage, and Light Blue

It used to be that brides wanted neutral color palettes to work with. Creams, whites and gold all blended together for a more modern look, but now, color is coming back into play. Use pastel shades of peach and light blue wrapped around a sharp, sage hue. Everything will still have a neutral tone to it, but the sage will easily tie in any floral accent pieces you use in your wedding.

peach and light blue wedding bouquet with seeded eucalyptus

Photo by Jamie V Photography

3.) Emerald, Cream, and Gold

This color palette will draw out the feelings of being in a rural mountainside field during sunset. The emerald and cream complement each other by being more subtle shades, while gold is the color that will stand out on its own. Golds and greens are great for any summertime wedding because they draw from the blooming life that’s happening all around you. 

dark green bridesmaids and white wedding flowers

Photo by Leah Banick

4.) Burgundy, Ivory, and Sage

A color palette that catches the eye without being too bright is burgundy, ivory, and sage. It’s a very laid-back group of colors that will be subtle, yet stunning.

white wedding cake with gold topper and burgundy spider mums and white roses

5.) Champagne, Green, and Black

Make your wedding full of glitz and glamour with a champagne, green and black color palette. Maximize your use of champagne and green and use black as the accent color. There will be a royal vibe to your day just from your colors and you can layer it with decorations. These are some of the best wedding colors for simple and chic events.

best colors for simple and modern weddings are black, gold, and white

Photo by Sanaz Photography

6.) Jewel-tones and Green

The best wedding colors are the ones that make your jaw drop. Shades of jewel-toned colors bring a richness that’s unmatched by other colors and can be brightened up with some pops of berry. We love this color combination so much that we have an entire section on our site with berry pink flowers

trending wedding colors include jewel tones such as berry pink and ruby red

Photo by Jenny Quicksall Photography

7.) Terracotta, Ivory, and Sage Green

This color palette is perfect for a fall wedding or winter wedding. Pair shades of burgundy or terracotta with a neutral; like ivory, light sage or both. When paired with these softer colors, these rich shades really pop, but still feel warm and inviting. Terracotta has been trending for a while now, and we don't see it going anywhere anytime soon! 

Terracotta and eucalyptus wedding bouquets

Photo by Moore Photography

8.) Gold and Pink

Gold and pink is a timeless combination that works just as well for the bridesmaid attire as it does on the cake! 

pink wedding cake with gold accents, the best wedding colors for a sweet and romantic day!

Photo by FreeHope Photography

9.) Lilac, Celery, and White

More pastel colors that work well with the classic shade of wedding white are lilac and celery. Purple and green might clash together if they’re used in bright hues, so instead, turn down the intensity by opting for a more pastel shade. This palette will stand out well against green mountain backdrops or the red bricks of a city, and the white tones will look lovely with your wedding dress.

a light green and lilac bridal bouquet closeup with succulents

Photo by Rachel Marie Photography

10.) Orange, Cranberry, and Green

The cranberry and orange hues really pop against the green of the eucalyptus in these aisle decorations. These bright hues are some of the best wedding colors for outdoor venues in late summer! 

a red, green, and orange flower arrangement decorates the aisle

Photo by Ivy Reves Photography

11.) Pink-Lavender and Almost-Mauve

Pastel and muted colors are no longer just for spring. These soft colors are perfect for any season! They are timeless and can mold into any wedding theme. Whether it be a vintage-themed wedding, or an elegant ballroom evening event, this color combo will fit right in. Some of our favorite pink-lavender and dusty-mauve flowers include dusty pink carnations, Esther light pink roses, and our kiss of blush lisianthus!

a mood board for a mauve and dusty rose wedding palette

Photos by Ana Greene Photography

12.) Lavender and Aqua

Pale lavender and aqua make a gorgeous wedding color combo. Whether it's as simple as pairing a wild handful of lavender-hued flowers in a blue glass vessel, or a carefully curated selection of mix-and-match bridesmaid dresses, these wedding colors make for a classic combination.

These colors–and flavors, in the case of lavender!–have also been cropping up more and more in edible items as well. From piles of pistachio or green tea flavored macarons to delicate lavender-infused cocktails, this color scheme can find its way into any facet of your event!

a teal and purple table perfect for a peach wedding

Photo by Jen Carreiro

13.) Burgundy, Purple, Mustard, Blue, Burnt Orange, and Green

This bride couldn't choose between the best wedding colors, so she incorporated them all! The bridesmaids each wore a bit of the rainbow, and the entire wedding popped with burgundy, purple, mustard, blue, orange, and green.

the best colors for bright boho weddings are mustard, green, and blue

Photo by Jordan Sherrow

14.) Ash Rose and Spiced Apple

With a color palette such as this, there are so many flower options. Some of our favorite flowers in this color family include our amnesia lavender novelty rose, secret garden rose, and burgundy carnations.

a wedding inspiration with deep red and dusty rose colors

Photo by Whitney Wysong

15.) Navy, Yellow, and Blue

Any seaside wedding is the perfect place to have colors like navy, yellow and blue. Navy against a light blue will mimic the natural colors of the ocean, and the yellow will draw from the sand and sun around it. This is a flexible palette since the second blue can be whatever shade you like.

white and yellow wedding flowers, best wedding colors for beach weddings

Photo by Jill Gum Photography

16.) Sage Green and Ivory

Sage green looks absolutely beautiful in winter and spring weddings! This versatile greenery pairs well with metallics but also works wonderfully with pastels. This color could be incorporated through your bridesmaids’ dresses or your greenery.  For an elegant and timeless look, pair your sage green greenery with ivory flowers. The groom could easily add in this color through his boutonniere and other accessories, too.

white and green wedding bouquet with eucalyptus

Photo by Brooke Pavel Photography

17.) Cherry Tomato and Royal Blue

If you're not a fan of tinted flowers but you still want blue in your wedding, try incorporating this color in your decor or your bridesmaid dresses. Nina's love roses, bouvardia red flowers, and red ranunculus all fall into this gorgeous color combo.

inspiration for bright blue and red wedding colors

Photo by Forever Photography

18.) Navy and Blush

Blue, especially navy blue, is such a classic color. When paired with a soft, blush color, it creates a beautiful balance between masculine and feminine.

classic wedding colors navy and blush on a table setting

Photo by Yellow House Images

19.) Yellow, Orange and Ivory

Yellow, orange, and ivory are some of the best wedding colors to put together for a bold and bright look! Here, offset against the bridesmaids' navy dresses, they make for striking, standout bouquets!

wedding flowers in bright yellow, orange, and white

20.) Meadowlark and Rapture Rose

Rapture rose with hints of meadowlark make for a captivating and cheerful color combo! Our raspberry pink lisianthus, pink wax flowers, and merlot alstroemeria would feature that gorgeous rapture rose shade. For meadowlark, try pear green hypericum berries, green mini lisianthus, and bells of Ireland.

best wedding color palettes with hot pink

Photo by Unforgettable Expressions

21.) Shades of Purple

If you can’t decide on multiple colors, don’t worry — you don’t have to! Try mixing different shades of the same color together. Lavender and a lighter or darker purple look effortless together, plus it’s an elegant color that can be used in a variety of places - from gowns, florals, and decor. Elegance is a perfect tone for any wedding, especially if you’re looking for something more extravagant and regal.

bridesmaids photo with purple wedding flowers

Photo by Andrea Laurita Photography

22.) Burnt Orange and Cream

Soft, romantic, and beautiful - you can't go wrong with this color combo.

rustic, bohemian wedding bouquet with eucalyptus, protea, and burnt orange flowers

Photo by Jessie Huff Photography

23.) Peach and Coral

Although this color palette has been used time after time, we're always amazed at how every bride changes it up to make it their own. Whether it be pairing this duo with sage green bridesmaid dresses, or using hints of coral in tablescapes, there are many ways to incorporate a peach and coral palette into every aspect of your wedding.

You could choose to do a monochromatic look by sticking with one shade of color, but you can easily add different dimensions to your look as there is such a wide range of both peach and coral shades. You can’t go wrong with either option!

peach and coral have remained some of the best wedding colors over time

Photo by San Angelo Wedding Photography

24.) Nile Green and Blooming Dahlia

Nile Green and blooming dahlia compliment each other so well! Both are so versatile and can pair well with other colors, too (like peach, for example). These are some of the best wedding colors for an outdoor wedding. Greenery such as dusty miller and silver dollar eucalyptus would make the perfect addition to any arrangement.

a pastel colored wedding with soft and elegant flower arrangements

Photo by Brandi Image Photography

25.) Lime and Violet

If you're needing bold and bright colors, then ultraviolet and lime punch might be a color duo just for you! We love the deep purple calla lilies with our Anastasia spider green flowers. These two bold colors were balanced elegantly with ivory roses.

inspiration for unique wedding flowers in dark purple and lime green

Don’t forget to shop by color at to find flowers in every color of the rainbow. We offer the best prices, the freshest flowers, AND free shipping!

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