Flower Care

Flower Hack: How To Reflex A Flower

If you've ever found yourself in a time crunch, eagerly waiting for your flowers to bloom, reflexing can be a handy hack to expedite the process. By reflexing the petals, you can create the illusion of fuller blooms, making them appear more open and vibrant even before they naturally reach that stage. Read more on how to reflex flowers.

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5+ Mistakes to Never Make With Your Wedding Flowers

The day to design your wedding flowers is quickly approaching. You’ve made your order, and you’re now weeks or days away from the arrival of your flowers. There are some crucial tips and tricks on what not to do. Read more about these tips and tricks.

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Garden Rose Care Tips

Congratulations! Your garden roses have shipped and will arrive very soon! Garden roses possess a classic charm and can have quite a long life as a cut flower, especially if...

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See How Garden Roses Bloom

When it comes to wedding flowers, garden roses are one of the most highly sought-after flowers. Browse through any bridal magazine or blog and you're bound to find garden roses...

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Tips on Taking Care of Peonies

Your Guide to Peony Care Peonies are one of the most beautiful flowers, known for their soft, ruffled petals that always brighten up special occasions. When peonies are fully open...

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