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You're Engaged! Create Your Wedding Flower Planner

Leah Britt 20 Dec 2021
You're Engaged! Create Your Wedding Flower Planner

You're Engaged! Create Your Wedding Flower Planner

Originally Written by Mariah Hebbeln, Updated by Leah Britt

You’re engaged! Congratulations! We're here to help you create a wedding flower planner as you approach your big day. This is such an exciting chapter in your life filled with so many emotions. Now that the adrenaline is winding down, and you’re setting your sights on how to plan this event, it’s helpful to know where to go next.

The beginnings of any great project can be daunting, but don’t worry. FiftyFlowers has the tools you need to help your flower planning go smoothly. Not only can you meet with one of our flower consultants online, but we've also listed out steps below to help you lay out your wedding flower planner. This will help you to stay organized and get the exact stem count you need for your special day! (Our Wedding Flower Worksheet is also a great resource)

The bullet points outlined below are a mental checklist to help you get started on planning your wedding and ordering your wedding flowers. We discussed and reviewed all of these points with our resident Wedding Consultant! To create your own planner, jot down the answer to the following questions in a binder, notebook, or wherever works best for you:

couple posing in front of pink wedding flower arch

1.) What is your venue and wedding date?

The first step in creating your wedding flower planner is to consider when and where you'll be getting married. It’s important to book your venue first! If you’re using a venue, their availability could influence your wedding date, and that date is how you will plan everything else involved in your wedding. Your wedding date also determines what flowers will be in season, and which flowers will do best in the given climate. For more information on how weather can impact which flowers you should choose, check out this blog by our CEO on hardy versus delicate flowers.

You will also want to be certain what your wedding venue will be, because it will influence what kind of flower designs you use or choose in the space. Think about how many flowers you will need for your wedding party and venue, and maybe what type you order. Will you need a lot of flowers to decorate your space? Or are you getting married in a small and intimate venue that won't need many arrangements?

consider you venue in your wedding flower planner

2.) What is your wedding flower timeline?

So what is a realistic timeline to start planning your wedding flowers? Along with keeping your plans on a budget, staying on schedule is a good way to stay ahead of your planning and stay on task, and our wedding consultant advises that the best time to plan your flowers is roughly 6 to 8 months before the wedding date. You should include your general timeline for ordering flowers in your wedding flower planner, so you can make sure you are ordering and receiving your flowers in time for your big day! 

If you’re finding yourself looking for a guiding hand, a wedding consultation is a perfect solution. A flower consultation includes one of our flower experts going through each of your flower needs and breaking down how to achieve them. Our in-house consultant will even build you a recipe for each bouquet you are looking to make, a timeline of when you should order certain items on your list, how to care for those flowers when they are delivered, and tips on designing. 

wedding flower detail shot with blue shoes

3.) Are you traveling or eloping for your big day?

If your ceremony is not a venue, or you’re choosing a destination spot for your entire big day, think about your location. Are you hiking to the top of a mountain? Or standing below Niagara Falls? Some of these questions need to be answered so that you know what types of flowers can withstand your journey to the spot where you'll be exchanging your vows

Smaller weddings or elopements might also require fewer flower arrangements. Especially if you'll be hiking or traveling far to your elopement spot! Did you know, if you are planning to have a smaller ceremony, minimony, or elopement, FiftyFlowers offers Wedding Collections? Our Wedding Collections are pre-made, easy to transport, and available at an affordable price. 

4.) What is your flower budget?

Now that you have your vision, it’s very important to assess your budget and incorporate that into your wedding flower planner. The wonderful part of DIY wedding flowers is that it is easy to achieve your wedding flower aspirations on a tight budget. (Plus, when you order through FiftyFlowers, you'll receive free shipping on your order!)

It’s still best to know what you have to work with so that you plan responsibly. Sticking to a budget will help reduce the stress of planning your wedding. Our wedding consultant suggests the following when setting your budget:

“If you and your fiance are paying yourselves, sit down and discuss the most you're willing to spend and stick to it. If you're getting help - totally fine, lots do! Deciding your budget can be hard, but discuss details and limits for each aspect of the wedding.” 

wedding flower planner: think about your budget

5.) What are your wedding colors?

Choosing your wedding colors should be a part of the planning process that hopefully can be stress-free. Your colors could be the merging of your and your partner's favorite colors, a palette that is trending that year, or a reflection of the season your wedding is in. Where are you going to find your inspiration? (We're always posting real wedding photos and updated trends on our social platforms like Instagram and Pinterest!) Flowers come in almost every color, and if they don’t, there is an awesome line of Floral Spray Paint available for purchase. Think about what certain colors mean to you and your love. Get creative with it. 

From there, you can start shopping for flowers by color. Determine which blooms will best work in your colors while staying in budget and in season, and create a list of potential flowers that you want to purchase.

wedding flower colors in white, pink, and blue

6.) How many arrangements will you need?

Your wedding flower planner should also take into consideration how many arrangements you need to create. What is the size of your wedding party? Will your family wear flowers as well? How many tables will be at the reception? You need to think of all the different aspects of your wedding that you want to expand or keep minimal. The choices you made with your budget will have a determining factor in the size of your wedding, guest list, and amount of flowers that you will order.

Before meeting with your consultant, or going to order your flowers, it's a good idea to write out a complete list of your flower needs. Include which arrangements you want to create, and how many you'll need of each one. For example, you may need 20 centerpieces but only 5 bouquets. Don't forget to think about your guest book table, welcome sign, and other spots of your venue that you'll want to sprinkle flowers throughout.

include arrangements for your cake table in your wedding flower planner

Once you've answered each of these questions, organize your answers in a way that will help you move forward towards placing your flower order. This could be a spreadsheet or a physically, printed copy of your wedding flower planner. Write out each of your arrangements, what flowers you want to use, and how many stems you will need for each. Don't forget to try out our Wedding Flower Worksheet as a guide! If you want to see some examples of flower recipes from real wedding, check out our Make This Look page! 

It's time to plan the absolute wedding of your dreams. You’ll be amazed at how helpful a wedding flower consultation can be. Stay tuned for more helpful tips and tricks for your wedding flowers. Remember: We’re here for you if you whenever you need help! 

(Updated by Leah Britt, January 2022)

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