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Wedding Week Flower Checklist

Julia Thompson 29 Nov 2022
Wedding Week Flower Checklist featured image of bride with bridesmaids holding pink and white garden bouquets

Wedding Week Flower Checklist: Everything You Need for DIY Wedding Flowers

Wedding week is stressful enough! If you're planning a DIY wedding, it can seem even more daunting. Well, we're here to help. We love our DIY queens, so we want to have your back. Our in-house floral expert, who just got married in November, rounded up all of her tips, tricks, and must-dos to ensure your wedding flowers come together beautifully without significant problems.

Wedding Week Flower Checklist flower arrival, getting ready for processing

Pre-floral Arrival

After you've placed your wedding flower order, use your confirmation to create a list of all the flowers you're receiving. Some flowers may come at different times based on suggested delivery dates, so you should also take note of that.

Create a list of all floral arrangements and their recipes. Printing out the recipes will come in handy for those assisting you in the arranging. Schedule a consultation with one of our floral experts if you need help with how to create a recipe or how many stems go in what.

Wedding Week Flower Checklist opening flower boxes and preparing for processing

Next, make a supply list. Include any floral supplies, shears, buckets, vases, pins, bands, or other items your flower arrangements need. 

Set up your design space ahead of time. Try to choose an area close to a sink, with a large trash can and table for designing. Prep sanitized buckets with water and flower food as you wait for delivery. Let all your helpers know when to come to the design space and how long they will be there.

Pro Tip: Order food for everyone and keep drinking water. Blast music with a Bluetooth speaker to keep the fun going and the energy up.

Wedding Week Flower Checklist adding flower food to buckets

Receive Flowers

You should expect to receive your flowers 2 to 3 days before your wedding. Unpackage all your flowers, but keep the boxes for transport to the venue.
Process your flowers. This includes cutting the stems, removing leaves on the lower stem, and dethorning any prickly varieties.
Separate all of your flowers into your recipe. Our favorite method for arranging in groups is creating an assembly line for repeated designs like bridesmaid bouquets and centerpieces.

Wedding Week Flower Checklist dethorning and processing the flowers

If you have access to a cooler, you can arrange even two days before your special day. But regardless of when you arrange, store flowers in a cool and dry place out of direct sunlight.

Wedding Week Flower Checklist placing stems in buckets

Prep a bag of floral supplies to take to the venue. Check the water levels of all the arrangements before leaving them for the night. If you have any extra flowers, keep them in buckets and take them to the venue. You never know when you might need extras!

Readying the flowers for transport is the last step before your wedding day! Check out our Transportation Tips and Tricks article to learn more. 

Wedding Week Flower Checklist arranging flowers for wedding day

Wedding Day

Congratulations! You made it to your wedding day.

Have a friend, bridal party member, or family member transport all your flowers. Flowers travel best securely inside a car. Make sure they can't tip over but have enough room to not get squished. Avoid transporting your wedding flowers in the bed of a truck. After you've arrived at the venue and unloaded all the flowers, check the water levels.

Wedding Week Flower Checklist friends helping arrange flowers and place them on wedding day

Now it's time for set-up! Create a checklist or map to help your friends or family know where everything belongs. Choose one person you trust to go through all the floral elements and confirm everything looks good. Instruct them to replace any broken stems or not fully bloomed flowers from the bucket of extra flowers.

Pro Tip: Keep a few washcloths on hand to dry off the bridal bouquet and the bridesmaid bouquets before pictures or walking down the aisle!

Lastly, enjoy your day! Your flowers look beautiful.

Wedding Week Flower Checklist pink and white garden wedding arrangements getting ready to be placed for ceremony decor


But wait, there's more! You didn't think we were done, did you?

Create a teardown checklist with instructions about where your flowers and supplies will go at the end of the day. Assign this task to a reliable friend or family member.

Decide if you want any of your flowers preserved and handle them accordingly. You can hang your flowers to dry, press them, or have someone overnight them to a floral keepsake artist to preserve them. Preservation is a delicate process. Make sure you book your artist well ahead of time and get a comprehensive list of all the requirements and tips for the best results.

Wow! That was a lot, but you made it through. Congratulations on your special day. I hope all of your dreams come true.
We have one last checklist item for you, and then you can go off into the blissful sunset of newlywed life. Submit your wedding photos to the Win Your Wedding Flowers contest. We'd love to see how everything went! Plus, you get a free bouquet just for entering. Who would want to miss out on that!?


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All photos - Venue: Fourth Street Gardens, Emmett, ID, Photographer: Quincy's Photos, Flowers: FiftyFlowers, Dress: Kate's Bridal Cottage, Abella Bride, Allure Bridals, MUAH: BA Makeup Company, Chrischelle Hirano, Earrings: Untamed Petals, Veil: Lord and Grey Bridal, Men's Attire: Men's Wearhouse, Photo Backdrop: Hello Honey, Boise Catering: Luckyroot Tacos, Dessert: The STIL, Video: Adam Knowles, Audio Visual: Voltline Media, Reception DJ: DJ Meesh, Coordination: Maddy Bauserman, Vow Books: Lovely in Letters, Bride and Groom: Coen and Leah Jardine

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