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Dried Floral Bouquet Breakdown

Sage Leins 06 Jul 2023
DIY dried flower bouquet

Dried florals are superb because of its aesthetic, the sense of nostalgia it evokes, plus it lasts for a longgg time! These flowers captivate a timeless beauty that naturally creates a sophisticated, boho, vintage, or elegant styled bouquet. Certainly nature's enchantment will be highlighted by selecting an array of dried flowers with varying textures and tones for your bridal bouquet.

Benefits come along with dried flowers. First off, dried flowers are easy to maintain because it doesn't require water or refrigeration like normal flowers. That means you don't need to worry about your flowers wilting! On top of that, dried flowers are not subject to seasonal limitations. To mention, these arrangements make excellent home decor. 

Are you ready to explore our dried flower bouquet options? After you get a visualization of our different bouquet styles, you'll see an overall breakdown of what's in it.

1. Sands of Time Yellow Dried Flower Bouquet 

Dried flower bouquet

2. Burn Bright Dried Flower Bouquet

Dried flower bouquet with bright red.

3. Romantic Picnic Dried Flower Bouquet

    Dried flower bouquet with hints of orange.4. Sea of Dreams Dried Flower Bouquet 

      Beach themed dried flower bouquet

      5. Spice it Up Pink Dried Flower Arrangement

      Dried flower bouquet with pink in it.

      The Bouquets Breakdown

      As you can see, we offer a variety of bouquet themes that run in different colors. Overall, the bouquets consist of these main components below:

      • Pampas grass
      • Lafas
      • Gorso
      • Fountain grass
      • Chilis
      • Sago palms
      • Ginger

      The dried bouquets capture an earthy essence that is truly splendid.

      Bouquet Themes/Vibe

      1. Sands of Time Yellow Dried Flower Bouquet is ready to embrace your boho-themed wedding day. Its warm and neutral tones, reminiscent of sandy landscapes, captures a diaphanous golden desert beauty. It seamlessly complements both rustic and minimalist aesthetics, infusing your venue with an inviting organic touch. The Wild Sahara Natural Dried Flower Arrangement dried flower bouquet shares similarities with the Sands of Time arrangement, yet it distinguishes itself with lighter hues.

      2. Burn Bright Dried Flower Bouquet represents how your love burns bright. This bouquet burns bright red to reflect that passionately devoted love of yours.

      3. Romantic picnic Dried Flower Bouquet is the perfect accessory for a dreamy picnic setup; a picnic with an intimate tablescape for two. It's a sign...add a romantic picnic date to your couples bucket list!

      4. Sea of Dreams Dried Flower Bouquet is a coastal charm for your wedding day or bridal party. Transport yourself to a serene coastal scene, where a gentle ocean breeze envelops you, surrounded by cherished loved ones. Adorned with complementary seashell decor, and a picturesque ceremony arch that stands adorned with cascading white fabric.

      5. Spice it Up Pink Dried Flower Arrangement has a pop of hot pink for your extraordinary event! "Barbie core" is the new thing, learn more about it on our All Things Pretty and Pink: Barbiecore Wedding Inspiration blog post. In addition, we offer Touch of Light Pink Dried Flower Arrangement for a lighter pink option.

      Rather go the DIY route with dried florals?

      DIY bouquet with dried flowers.

      Sand Dune DIY Bleached Dried Flowers Combo

      We offer a DIY option! Perfect for your DIY wedding, baby shower, birthday party, or any other event!

      This DIY combo pack includes sago palms, bleached chili, bleached baby's breath, bleached loafa sponge, bleached pampas grass, bleached ginger, straw palm, and bunny tails.

       Which bouquet can you envision yourself holding?

      We are so excited for you to embark on your flower journey! We're delighted to be here for you every step of the way. Get started by exploring our wide selection of wedding flowers, organized by color or variety, to find the perfect match for your special day. Discover your unique style and get inspired by following us on Pinterest or exploring our Make This Look page.

      Our commitment to delivering fresh flowers directly from the farms ensures that you'll receive top-quality blooms to create your dream wedding look, all while saving money. Whether you're an experienced designer or just starting, we've got you covered. Check out our YouTube channel for DIY tutorials, or if you prefer personalized assistance, book a consultation with our expert team.

      For even more helpful tips and ideas, be sure to explore our informative blogs below.

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      Photos Courtesy of FiftyFlowers


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