Spice It Up Pink Dried Flower Centerpiece

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Our florists added a little bit of spice to our Spice It Up Pink Dried Flower Centerpiece when they added hot pink okra pods, loafas, and pampas grass to the mix! Hot pink flowers are known to bring energy and spunk everywhere they go. Dried palms and wheat balance the vibrant hues of pink flowers with some subtle textures and a chic dried flower feel. If you are looking to switch up your home decor, or just add a little bit of excitement to your life, we know that you will love this collection of dried flowers. A flower arrangement like this one looks wonderful in the dining room, kitchen, or bedroom, or adds a touch of fun to a colorful wedding reception. Order flowers today and these pink dried flowers can be all yours, or you can opt to share them with someone you love!


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About the Spice It Up Pink Dried Flower Centerpiece

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  • The Spice It Up Pink Dried Flower Centerpiece is a designer bouquet with a mixture of the following dried flowers: 26 total stems of hot pink pampas grass, loafas, bleached gorso, bleached fountain grass, hot pink chilis, bleached straw, bleached sago palm, and bleached ginger.
  • The dried flowers are a perfect centerpiece for your event tables.
  • The arrangement is handcrafted at our Ecuadorian design center where the flowers are grown, dried and tinted.
  • If you mix the bouquet with fresh flowers in water the tinted color can seep and change the color of the water.

Your dried boxes are hand crafted for your order. Upon arrival, please open the box, cut any straps, and enjoy the eye candy! 

  • Your dried flowers should be stored in a cool dry place, away from direct sunlight to prevent discoloration or fading. 
  • If your dried flower box becomes dusty, use a hair dryer on a low setting from a moderate distance or a pipe cleaner to gently remove the dust.