Wild Sahara Natural Dried Flower Arrangement

Wild Sahara Natural Dried Flower Arrangement

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Wild Sahara Natural Dried Flower Arrangement

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Why You'll love the Wild Sahara Natural Dried Flower Arrangement

There is a unique kind of beauty to be discovered in the rolling hills of a sandy desert. Our florists have crafted a stunning dried flower bouquet to capture this imagery in our Wild Sahara Natural Dried Flower Arrangement. You'll discover natural pampas grass, dried ginger, natural loafas, and dried palms in this arrangement of dried flowers. Whether you can't get over the dried flower trend that is all the rage this year (we don't blame you!), or you have an appreciation for flower bouquets of all-natural blooms, we want to share this arrangement with you. Neutral colors make this bouquet the perfect addition to any style of home decor, or a beautiful centerpiece for your bohemian wedding or event! Desert princesses, adventure seekers, and flower experts alike will appreciate these dried flowers for all their natural beauty.

  • The Eternal Dried Bouquet is a designer bouquet with a mixture of the following dried flowers: 27 total stems of natural pampas grass, natual loafas, bleached gorso, bleached fountain grass, white chilis, bleached sago palms, and bleached ginger.
  • The dried flowers are a perfect centerpiece for your event tables.
  • The bouquet is handcrafted at our Ecuadorian design center where the flowers are grown, dried and bleached.