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The 6 Hottest Colors for Your Fall Wedding Flowers

Julia Thompson 21 Sep 2022
The 6 Hottest Flower Colors for Your Fall Wedding featured image fall colored flowers on table

Have you entirely accepted fall yet? I know I have. We love summertime, but we'd be lying if we said we weren't getting excited for chilly weather, pumpkin-flavored treats, and of course - FALL WEDDING FLOWERS!

We spoke with one of our in-house flower experts and asked her for the inside scoop on upcoming fall wedding flower trends. Based on the array of fall wedding couples that she's consulted with, these are the colors and flowers she said we should expect to see more of this upcoming season:

The 6 Hottest Flower Colors for Your Fall Wedding burgundy flowers
1.) Bold Burgundy!

Get ready for burgundy, burgundy, and more burgundy! Our expert shares that traditionally, red flowers are a winter wedding staple, but many fall brides embrace the deep reds for their big day. If you're looking to sprinkle these rich hues into your flower arrangements, try any of these blooms:

You can find more burgundy flowerscranberry flowers, wine red flowers, and true red flowers on our website!

The 6 Hottest Flower Colors for Your Fall Wedding peach

2.)  Peach

When you hear peach, do you think fall? If not, think again! In the coming months, brides will incorporate peach flowers into their fall weddings to contrast the traditional darker fall tones. Consider adding a fresh splash of peach to your bridal bouquet or wedding arch to create a bright and dreamy color scheme. Peach flowers have a soft and sweet appeal to them. Check out these blooms to jump on the peach trend:

Can't get enough? Check out all of our peach flowers!

The 5 Hottest Flower Colors for Your Fall Wedding Terracotta and Rust flowers

3.) Terracotta and Rust

Terracotta and rust have been a wedding favorite for months now, and it looks like that's not changing any time soon. (We're certainly not complaining!) Terracotta and rust pair well with neutrals, greenery, and even bold tones like pink or blue. These popular hues are chic, stylish, and versatile. It's no wonder they're so sought-after! Jump on the rust and terracotta trend with these beautiful flowers:

All of our terracotta wedding flowers can be found on our site.

The 6 Hottest Flower Colors for Your Fall Wedding Brown and Bronze flowers

4.) Brown and Bronze

Classic fall colors, like brown and bronze, will remain popular this year. We love brown and bronze flowers for a few reasons. First and foremost, their neutral color makes them easy to pair with just about every other color you could imagine. These hues also have a down-to-earth, natural, and sophisticated feel. Neutrals will never go out of style, so if you're looking for a classic look while also staying on-trend, check out some of these flowers:

Don't see your favorite flower on this list? Check out our bronze and brown flowers to see more options!

6 hottest colors for your fall wedding flowers golden yellow 

5.) Golden Yellow

Golden yellow is the perfect seasonal transition color. Hang onto summer a bit longer with this sunshine shade. Ease into autumn with a hue reminiscent of the harvest and new beginnings. You can couple this flower with any of the other colors for fall wedding flowers we've listed here. Or you can add lots of lush greenery for a bright, nature inspired look. The year's warmth may be fading, but you'd never know it with these golden yellow flowers:

See our entire collection of golden yellow flowers.  

The 6 Hottest Flower Colors for Your Fall Wedding greens

6.) Green - With Lots of Texture

Winter, spring, summer, or fall - no flower arrangement is complete without greenery. This upcoming season couples are searching for foliage that will add extra texture and dimension to their wedding flowers. Use greenery in your fall wedding to add a lush, green hue to your palette while adding detail and variety to your blooms. Here are some of our favorite choices when it comes to textured greenery:

Scan through our greenery selection to find the texture and color that is right for you.

Other Fall Flower Trends to Look Out For

Couples ordering their fall wedding flowers should also remember what specific flower types are trending. According to our expert, ranunculus will continue to be popular well into the fall season. She also reports that bronze football mums and bahlias are on the rise, as are carnations, especially in bold and dyed colors. If you're wondering what roses will be trending next season, it looks like you can still expect to see toffee and quicksand roses. However, the coffee break rose is currently trending.

Fads and seasons will come and go, but the memories you create on your wedding day will last forever. Make sure that when deciding what colors and flowers to make a part of your big day, you stay true to your personal style! As you plan your Fall Wedding, we hope this information helps you stay on top of the latest trends while also picking special and stylish details.

Originally Written by Leah Britt 


Terracotta and Rust Picture - Photographer: Andrea Satz Photographer , Florist: Arms of Persephone Floral

Greenery Picture - Photographer: Brie Thompson Photography, Florist: Just So. Event Floral

Golden Yellow Picture - Venue: Elk Run Cabin, Cascade, ID + Photographer: Jacque S. Photography @photosbyjacque + Dress: Amy's Bridal Boutique + Tux: Generation Tux

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