A small pink rose wedding in Albuquerque.

My husband and I originally planned to have an elopement-style wedding in Italy last summer in order to keep it simple, but after COVID-19 broke out, we decided to hold a micro-wedding in my hometown of Albuquerque, New Mexico this past October. We invited friends, family, and co-workers to stream our wedding online, and I was determined to have lots of flowers at our ceremony! It took 4 of us a full 3 days to make all of the arrangements, and we eventually ran out of time, so we had some flowers left over. I barely slept those 3 days, but the end result was so worth it. We got so many compliments on our flowers from guests watching from home! It was nice to create a beautiful elegant setting for everyone to enjoy especially in these trying times. We also made arrangements for a small rehearsal dinner and small wedding dinner. I ordered mostly shades of pinks and a few accent colors, and I was amazed how I was able to create three distinct "looks" for the events (whites, pinks, and lavender for the rehearsal dinner, pastels for the wedding ceremony, and romantic pinks, reds, and maroon for the wedding dinner). I plan to use Fifty Flowers for my wedding reception next year--fingers crossed it is safe for everyone to be together then!

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