Nervous, but paid off big time!

Like many others, I was very nervous and hesitant to order my flowers online. But after meeting with several local florists, and all of them telling me that my flower preferences were limited (I wanted peony-like flowers for a July wedding), I decided to give it a shot. I found exactly the type of flowers I wanted from the site, and all of them available for a July wedding, which is just delightful.

I ordered my flowers for a Wednesday delivery (Saturday wedding). When my flowers arrived, they looked exactly as the site stated they would - super thirsty, closed up and a little shriveled. Only a few flower heads had been broken off - not very many in the grand scheme of how many flowers I wound up with, so it was not very upsetting. I followed the instructions to the letter, and within a few hours after putting them in water, I could tell that they were already starting to perk up. The next day, a little more. The day after that, a lot more. By Saturday morning, they were absolutely stunning. I did sit the Spray Roses in sunlight on Friday, since some of them hadn't opened, and that helped out a lot.

I had a lot of help with making the bouquets - my aunts, mom and sister all pitched in. NONE of them are experienced in the art of flower arranging, so it took some time and patience. I would definitely recommend practicing and having a good game plan for what you want before you start, if you're going at this alone. We trimmed off the bottom petals, and used native leaves from my sister's garden as filler for the corsages and boutonnieres. After everything was made, we still had A TON of flowers left over. My wedding planner was able to use a lot of the flowers for petals for the cake table, gift table, etc. The finished effect was nothing short of amazing, and exactly what I had envisioned.

The pictures I've attached here show them in progression from the first day they were delivered (after drinking water for a few hours) up to the day of the event. The professional pictures are from Bilal Mirza -
I am a very satisfied customer, and so happy I decided to go this route. I would absolutely use this site to order flowers for future events.

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