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Fresh Eucalyptus: 8 Unique Varieties for Event Design

Cham Tanteras 26 May 2022
Fresh Eucalyptus: 8 Unique Varieties for Event Design

Fresh eucalyptus has quickly become one of the most popular types of wedding greenery. The rich color and texture of these greens make them the perfect addition to DIY wedding flowers.  As you start to order eucalyptus for your big day, you might find that there are more varieties than you realized! So how do you choose? The most popular type of eucalyptus is Silver Dollar Eucalyptus, but other varieties such as Seeded and Willow are also a favorite amongst wedding couples. Each variety has its own unique characteristics and benefits, making it easy for you to find the one that is perfect for your event. Here are the best types of fresh eucalyptus to use in your flower arrangements:

1.) Silver Dollar Eucalyptus

fresh silver dollar eucalyptus stem 

Why You'll Love It: Silver Dollar Eucalyptus has become a wedding classic. In fact, when you picture eucalyptus, you probably picture this variety! These greens are our top-selling type of eucalyptus, and it's no wonder why. With large, round leaves, silver dollar eucalyptus is perfect for adding volume to DIY flower arrangements. Adding these leaves to your flowers will make your arrangements look overflowing and impressive. Plus, the smooth texture gives this greenery a classic and timeless that matches any color palette or wedding aesthetic.

How To Use ItWe love seeing this type of fresh eucalyptus in bridal bouquets, greenery garlands, wedding arches, and more. The classic green hue makes it a match made in heaven for chic white wedding flowers and vibrant blooms alike. With large, symmetrical leaves, this greenery is great for creating a cohesive look throughout flower arrangements. Silver Dollar is our most popular type of eucalyptus, so we've seen it used in almost every way you could imagine!

2.) Seeded Eucalyptus

bunch of seeded eucalyptus 

Why You'll Love It: Seeded Eucalyptus is all about adding texture and variety to your flowers. The contrast of light green seeds and brown stems against a background of green leaves gives this greenery a layer of extra dimension. Plus, the clusters of dainty seeds create a unique blend of textures throughout!

How To Use ItYou can often find seeded eucalyptus in table centerpieces and eucalyptus garlands. In addition, it looks beautiful in flower bouquets that are overflowing with lush greenery, as the clusters of seeds "pop-out" against a mixture of other leaves. This type of fresh eucalyptus is perfect for the couple that wants to keep their flowers simple and timeless, while also adding a unique touch!

3.) Willow Eucalyptus

willow eucalyptus stem

Why You'll Love It: Willow Eucalyptus is known for its light and wispy leaves that resemble feathers. The delicate nature of these greens creates a cascading effect in flower arrangements. Each reddish-brown stem is marked by several offshoots of long, dark green leaves. When bundled together, Willow Eucalyptus looks whimsical and elegant all at once!

How To Use ItUse this fresh eucalyptus variety to create a cascading bridal bouquet, or to design a graceful wedding arch. These flowing greens also make an excellent spray of greenery to drape over the head table, wedding signs, or aisle chairs. Willow Eucalyptus is a lovely choice for couples who want lush greenery in their wedding flowers.

4.) Gunni Eucalyptus

stem of fresh gunni eucalyptus 

Why You'll Love ItThe leaves of Gunni Eucalyptus often take on a round shape, although they are not as circular as those on Silver Dollar Eucalyptus. This type of greenery has smaller, elongated leaves with varying shapes and sizes. There is also a higher volume of leaves per stem. Their leaves branch out in a tapered shape, and the neutral color of this greenery makes it look natural and effortless!

How To Use ItThe sage green color of Gunni Eucalyptus is wonderful for pastel color palettes, although it blends well with brighter hues as well. These dainty leaves look great in DIY boutonnieres, flower crowns, or as cake flowers! Not to mention, the branched structure is ideal for filling in flower arrangements.

5.) Baby Eucalyptus

Baby Blue Eucalyptus in vase 

Why You'll Love ItBaby Blue Eucalyptus is a popular choice for those who want to add height to their DIY flowers. Round leaves are stacked parallel to one another up each of these tall stems. The unique arrangement of these leaves stands out amongst other greenery, and their sturdy stems help them stay upright in floral designs. Plus, this particular eucalyptus has a green color with cool, blue undertones.

How To Use ItBaby Blue Eucalyptus is ideal for table centerpieces, and other flower arrangements that are designed to stand tall. This type of greenery will also stand out in bridesmaid bouquets or long strands of eucalyptus garland!

6.) Gum Drop

Light green Gum Drop Eucalyptus stems 

Why You'll Love It: Gum Drop Eucalyptus closely resembles Silver Dollar Eucalyptus, although it showcases a lighter shade of green. You'll love these big, round leaves, and their light olive green shade. The shapes and sizes of leaves throughout Gum Drop Eucalyptus are relatively consistent, creating a cohesive look when bunched together.

How To Use It: We love seeing couples use Gum Drop Eucalyptus to decorate their tables, whether it be with greenery garlands or flower centerpieces. Pairing the subtle hue of this fresh eucalyptus with white or pink flowers is lovely for a soft and romantic look.

7.) Parvifolia

bunch of bulk parvifolia eucalyptus greenery 

Why You'll Love It: This type of eucalyptus is another option for adding texture to your flowers. Parvifolia Eucalyptus is composed of small, elongated leaves marked by pointed ends. The leaves fall on either side of the stem giving volume and depth to each branch of this fresh eucalyptus.

How To Use ItUse Parvifolia Eucalyptus in your bridal bouquet or centerpieces to add detail and texture. Because Parvifolia is known to take up space with its many leaves, some couples also use this greenery to decorate their wedding arbors or to fill in their statement flower pieces.

8.) True Blue Eucalyptus

Fresh Eucalyptus Bunch in the True Blue Variety 

Why You'll Love ItIf you love Baby Blue Eucalyptus, but are looking for an extra dramatic effect, True Blue Eucalyptus is for you! The leaves in this greenery look similar to those in Baby Eucalyptus, however, they are larger and wider. True Blue Eucalyptus has a tall structure like Baby Blue, however, this type of greenery also tends to contain more laterals.

How To Use ItTrue Blue Eucalyptus can be used in all the same ways that Baby Eucalyptus is used! Add it to bouquets and centerpieces to add height and variety. The large leaves on this fresh eucalyptus are also ideal for statement arrangements like flower arches!

Popular Eucalyptus Combinations

With so many varieties to choose from, here's the good news: you can combine multiple types of fresh eucalyptus in your arrangements! Mixing the different shades and textures of each variety can create a lush backdrop of greenery for your fresh flowers to stand out against.

Shop the following DIY Flower Packs to find the perfect selection of fresh eucalyptus for your arrangements:

The following YouTube video is a great example of mixing different eucalyptus varieties to create a jaw-dropping arrangement. Watch the clip below for more information on How to Create a Mixed Eucalyptus Bouquet!

Ready To Go Arrangements

Eucalyptus can be used to design DIY flower arrangements, but you can also find it in pre-arranged garland, centerpieces, and more. The following arrangements come ready-to-go for your big day, and include some of our favorite types of eucalyptus:

Our Eucalyptus garlands and centerpieces look beautiful all on their own. They can also be finalized with touches of fresh flowers.

wedding garland with seeded eucalyptus greenery 

Find Eucalyptus Wedding Inspiration

You can find more examples of eucalyptus weddings on our Flower Stories or Make This Look pages! The wedding below is a great example of how one couple used eucalyptus to achieve their flower dreams. You can read more about their flower experience here, or check out this Make This Look for a detailed breakdown of their flower order!

Credit - Photography:  Unique Lapin Photography, Dress: BHLDN, Groom’s Attire: Proper Suit, Venue – Greenpoint Loft

comparing different types of eucalyptus for weddings 


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Originally written by: Leah Britt


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