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4 Fall Table Decor Designs with Bonus DIY Tutorial

Julia Thompson 27 Sep 2022
4 Fall Table Decor Designs with Bonus DIY Tutorial featured image

The leaves are changing, and all my drinks and treats are pumpkin flavored. To say I'm ready for the autumn season is an understatement. My final step in embracing fall is decorating. The front yard of my house is set to scare the neighborhood kids, but my kitchen vibe is warmer and inviting. The pumpkin pecan waffles candle is burning, and I just need the finishing touch—the wow piece. The fall table decor looks I've found are so beautiful, I haven't decided yet what I'm going to do. I hope you have better luck than me!

1.) The first look is all about color with the tinted sunflowers and bright mini pumpkins.

Fall Colored Thanskgiving Tablescape 4 Fall Table Decor Designs with Bonus DIY Tutorial

FiftyFlowers contributed to the Thanksgiving Inspired Wedding featured on 100 Layer Cake. The styling and floral design were done by the super talented Audrey Wagner King of French Knot Studios, and it was all beautifully captured by Izzy Hudgins Photography. Be sure to check out the whole shoot in the link above. My focus, of course, was the tablescapes!

Sunflower and Pumpkin Details 4 Fall Table Decor Designs with Bonus DIY Tutorial

Love the look but want to glam it up a bit? Use gold and silver floral paint on select blooms and sprigs of greenery! Take a look at how the mini pumpkins and the chili peppers transform from cute and festive to glitzy and glamorous.

Gold Pumpkin Details 4 Fall Table Decor Designs with Bonus DIY Tutorial

I love the idea of a festive feast with the centerpieces lined down the table. To DIY this look yourself, you need bottles, one to two stems in each bottle, and whatever paint colors you want.

Pro tip: The different bottle heights and sizes make it more interesting.   

Fall Greens Thanksgiving Centerpieces 4 Fall Table Decor Designs with Bonus DIY Tutorial

2.) Style Me Pretty designed this gorgeous fall table decor with our fresh greens. This simple yet stunning garland style arrangement can be easily recreated in your home this autumn. 

Check out the stunning images from Ruth Eileen Photography.

4 Fall Table Decor Designs with Bonus DIY Tutorial Thanksgiving Tablescape by Style Me Pretty with wholesale greens from

Recreate this fall table decor design with:

3.) The pumpkin is the star of this fall table decor design. This adaptable look is easy to DIY and can be scaled to the size of your table. You can use the same pictured pumpkin centerpiece, use the number four design tutorial below, or do without. If you really want to get imaginative, you can choose your own stems and construct a centerpiece of your own. The sky is the limit with this arrangement. 


4 Fall Table Decor Designs with Bonus DIY Tutorial Pumpkin garland tablescape


These pumpkins are to die for! We went for variety in size, color, and texture. Check out those warts! The classic jack-o-lantern style orange pumpkin is the vase for the pumpkin bouquet. There is something so satisfying about dipping your hands into the gooey mess while fragrant pumpkin smells waft throughout the room. 


4 Fall Table Decor Designs with Bonus DIY Tutorial Pumpkin garland tablescape closeup


Next, place the pumpkins and fill out the rest of the space with flowers, greenery, and other delicate design pieces. One of my personal favorite flowers is the sunflower. It adds a beautiful brightness and fall feel to the table. If you don’t have that many pumpkins, you can fill the space with leaves, decorative rocks or pebbles, sticks, or anything that embodies the warmth and beauty of fall. The seeded eucalyptus fills in the negative spaces and adds dimension and texture.

Pro-tip: This hardy greenery can last a long time without water.

For the finishing touch, we added candles to give the table an intimate and cozy feeling. The best part of this fall table decor design was completing it in under an hour.


4 Fall Table Decor Designs with Bonus DIY Tutorial Pumpkin garland tablescape centerpiece


For the pumpkin bouquet, we incorporated fall flowers with a harvest aesthetic. We used the Autumn Sunset Fall Wedding Pack and then added some Dusty Miller and Sherbert Orange Gerbera.

 4.) Searching for an autumn centerpiece that is budget-friendly, easy to recreate, and takes very little time to make? This festive pumpkin centerpiece might be your answer. Keep reading for full DIY instructions. 

DIY Pumpkin Centerpiece 4 Fall Table Decor Designs with Bonus DIY Tutorial

Prep your pumpkin by cutting an opening on the top, then scoop out the insides with a spoon. 

Supplies Needed:

If this fall color palette isn't for you, white pumpkins paired with dusty miller, baby eucalyptus, succulents, and Spanish moss would add flawless seasonal flair. 

How-to Steps:

Step 1: Begin by measuring your floral foam. Once you have your desired size, place the foam brick on top of the water and allow the foam to submerge fully. Do not force the foam down into the water. This can cause air bubbles to form. You can line the pumpkin inside with a small plastic container if you don't have foam.

Step 2: Place the foam into the pumpkin and secure it by creating an X with two thin strips of 1/2" Oasis tape.

Step 3: Trim the stems and add your choice of greenery or filler flowers about 1" into the foam. Add the rest of your flowers, from the largest to the smallest.

Step 4: Add any extra flowers or greenery to fill in any empty spaces. Make sure the floral foam or the plastic container isn't peeking through.

Tada! You have a gorgeous DIY fall table decor design. 

Didn't see the perfect fall table decor design for you? At FiftyFlowers, we make flower buying and designing easy with our DIY Flower Combos. After choosing the design you like, you receive all the stems necessary to complete that particular look. But with our kits you also have to freedom to be creative and design a completely unique arrangement of your own imagination.

Best combo packs for fall table decor:

No matter the plans for your fall celebrations, I know you will create beautiful fall table decor designs that fit your needs and budget. 

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