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Let's Compare... Fresh or Dried Flower Arrangements {or both!?}

Julia Thompson 07 Sep 2022
Dried Flower Arrangements Featured Image

If you've spent any time scrolling through Pinterest or scanning the latest bridal magazines, it'll come as no surprise that dried flower arrangements are all the rage. From whimsical pampas grass to dramatic palms, we've seen dried blooms take over the world of weddings and events one stem at a time.

However, is there anything more classic and stunning than fresh flowers? Fresh blooms have played an important role in weddings for hundreds of years. With so many colors and varieties to choose from, having fresh flowers at your event is a tradition that will never go out of style.

When choosing the perfect wedding flowers, you should consider your color palette, wedding aesthetic, and overall vision for your floral arrangements. It's also essential to understand the characteristics of both fresh and dried flower arrangements. This will factor into your decision and help you take good care of your blooms once they arrive on your doorstep.

Here are the benefits of having either type of flower at your event:

Dried Flower Arrangements - What's the Big Deal?

So why, exactly, have dried flower arrangements become so popular? Aside from their obvious beauty, there are several draws to this type of flower:

Texture, texture, texture

Dried flower arrangements bring serious texture to the table, which can help add an extra layer of dimension to the design. From soft and wispy to coarse and bristly, choosing the right dried flower arrangement for your wedding aesthetic can help achieve your vision.

Here are some of our favorite items for dried flower arrangements for couples who are texture-obsessed:

Pampas Grass Dried Canary Grass
Dried Italian Ruscus  Eucalyptus Pods 
Straw Flowers Sun Palms


Dried Flower Arrangements: circle wedding arch decorated with pampas grass and greenery
Pampas grass adds shape and dimension to this circular flower arch.

No water needed!

The nature of dried flower arrangements makes them "easy" to care for in many ways. These florals won't need water or flower food when they arrive and won't need to hydrate or bloom before your event. In addition, because there is no concern for wilting, there is extra flexibility in having dried flowers delivered. If you're prepared to take good care of your blooms and have a plan to store them correctly, you could order your dried flower arrangements weeks, or even months, before your event date!

🔥HOT ITEM ALERT🔥: Bleached flowers for their light shade and minimalistic look. Check out the collection here.  

Dried Flower Arrangement: Brides hold brown and pink dried flower bouquet


Although dried flower arrangements seem low-maintenance, they still deserve the same care and attention that fresh flowers receive! Processing your dried flowers correctly will help maintain their beautiful color, texture, and quality for as long as possible. Here at FiftyFlowers, we suggest taking care of dried flowers by avoiding direct sunlight and humid conditions. In other words, store them in a cool, dark, and dry place! These blooms can also be delicate, so we recommend keeping your dried flowers covered, dusted, and in a safe spot where they won't be damaged.

For more tips and tricks on dried flower care, watch our YouTube video.

Flower Joy That Lasts

With proper care, dried flowers can last even years after your event has come and gone! The long-lasting quality of dried blooms is a dream come true for those who want to keep their flowers around after their big day. Repurposing your wedding flowers can spread flower joy to others. Consider donating them to a special charity or organization or gift them to guests, vendors, and bridal party members. Other couples may sprinkle their leftover blooms throughout their home as decoration to spark fond memories of their big day. No matter the method, dried flower arrangements will help you get the most out of your wedding flowers!


Dried flower arrangement centerpiece
Dried flowers can be used to decorate your home


Pairs well with... anything! 

Finally, dried flower arrangements are known for their neutral color and ability to pair well with all color schemes and event themes. It doesn't matter if you're hosting a bohemian wedding or a sleek and simple event, dried blooms are a versatile addition to any affair. Adding some pampas grass or bleached wheatgrass into a colorful flower arrangement can add a down-to-earth element to your flowers or some variety to your simple green and white bouquet. There's no limit to how you can show off dried flowers!

Shop for other dried flowers like the ones pictured below.


Dried Flower Arrangements - A variety of bleach dried flowers in vases


Fresh Flowers - How Could You Go Wrong?

Although dried flower arrangements have their many perks, it's hard to overlook the benefits of fresh florals. Let's breakdown why fresh flowers have stayed a wedding staple for so many decades:

Every color and style you could dream of...

There is no shortage of variety when it comes to fresh blooms. With so many flower types, colors, shapes, and sizes, you can make any vision come to life by combining the right mix of fresh flowers. The stunning photo below mixes dainty white Anemones, rich red Carnations, and eye-catching King Proteas to create a dramatic contrast of colors and textures.

Dried Flower Arrangements with red, white, and pink flowers decorating a wooden wedding arch
Overflowing with energy

When you set your eyes on a bouquet of fresh flowers, what feelings do you experience? When we asked the FiftyFlowers office, our team described feeling inspired, energized, and overwhelmed with joy. Having lush and thriving blooms at your event can evoke those desired positive emotions. Plus, your guests can sense the palpable energy that fresh flowers provide. 


Dried Flower Arrangements example of fresh baby blue eucalyptus
The fresh flowers in this bridal bouquet include a variety of colorful roses and lush greenery such as seeded eucalyptus.

Sweet Aromas

Is it any secret that fresh flowers smell AMAZING? The natural aroma of fresh blooms can serve as stress relief on your big day. With smell being the sense tied closest to memory, the sweet scent of flowers will remind you of your special day for years to come.

Here are some flowers to consider if you want to add a natural perfume to your wedding decorations:

Fresh Lavender  Creamy White Garden Roses
White Freesia Flower Eucalyptus Combo Pack


If you're sensitive to scent, don't stress! There are plenty of fresh flowers that have little to no aroma and are hypoallergenic

A classic choice

As trends have come and gone, fresh flowers have remained an essential part of weddings and events. Fresh blooms are a classic choice that will stay in style for years. If you love keeping things timeless, this may be your best option! Fresh flowers can add a"traditional" element to even the most modern and trendy events.

Dried Flower Arrangements Fresh Bouquet Example with Peach

This DIY bride used fresh flowers to create all of her own arrangements!

Why Not Have Both?

Still feeling torn between fresh and dried flowers? It may be hard to choose with so many benefits to both types. Here's the good news: You can have both! Blending dried flowers into your fresh arrangement, or vice versa, will add a layer of contrast and variety. After all, it's your big day, and you deserve to have the best of both worlds!

For extra guidance and inspiration, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest - or check out our YouTube videos to learn more about DIY flowers. 

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Originally written by Leah Britt

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Photo #8, Featured Image: Photography - DSON Photography, Bride - Audra Rice, Floral Design - Convergence + Co

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