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Friendsgiving Ideas: How to Plan Your Event From Beginning to End

Julia Thompson 06 Sep 2022
Friendsgiving Ideas featured image

In our ever-changing world, the holidays are transforming into something unconventional and exciting. Some people (I'm looking at you, retail workers) haven't had a Thanksgiving off in who knows how long. Some have huge families and spend their Turkey Day marathon eating at six different houses. Maybe you're like me and have a small brunch with your mom and siblings. Or perhaps, you have one diverse found family group. No matter which way you slice your pumpkin pie, Friendsgiving celebrations are taking over calendars this giving season.

Friendsgiving isn't a traditional holiday, so don't get stuck with bland food or lackluster decor. Think outside of the box. You want a celebration as exciting and extraordinary as your guest list.

Check out this beautiful styled shoot FiftyFlowers participated in to see where we discovered our ideas and get inspired to imagine your own.

Theme and Planning

Personalized touches are the number one way to enhance your Friendsgiving celebration. Start with deciding on a theme and color scheme. Rich fall colors and pumpkins will always be in, but feel free to experiment with pops of color and twist the definition of a traditional Thanksgiving event.


Friendsgiving Ideas Invitations


Next, send your guests custom paper invitations. This adds anticipation while providing essential information. Take the next step in making your guests feel the holiday's hominess by adding place settings.


Friendsgiving Ideas Place Settings 


Level up your guests' experience by including a party favor. Let your friends take home a centerpiece or other piece of decor. You can incorporate a craft or service activity for those who like hands-on experiences. Hire a photographer or assign a friend to polaroid camera duty and have them focus on candid moments for your guests to cherish forever. If you've decided to do a potluck, have your friends bring enough printed copies of their recipes to create a Friendsgiving cookbook. Whatever you decide, your guests will leave feeling fulfilled and loved.


Friendsgiving Ideas Party Favors 


The sky is the limit when it comes to styling your Friendsgiving event. Since it's such a new holiday, there are no rules. So reach for the stars, you trailblazer you.


Friendsgiving Ideas Tablescape


Remember to incorporate your theme into all of your decorations. Ever heard of a pumpkin-flavored cocktail? We haven't, but maybe your party is the place to test this theory out. Sprinkle in some edible glitter and be the talk of the town. You can also add pops of color to the dishes from your color scheme.


Friendsgiving Ideas Signature Drink


Fall is the season of change and a symbol of new beginnings. Mix bright autumn colors with the coziness of winter and the warmth of a fire. Experiment with both dried and fresh flowers and greenery. 

Once your tablescapes are set, and you've nailed down your floral arrangements, take your decor up a notch and try something new. The gorgeous hanging installation skyrocketed the memorability and elegance of this Friendsgiving event. You can create this look at home too.


Friendsgiving Ideas Hanging Installation and Tablescapes
Make This Look: 
Friendsgiving Ideas Products

🔥HOT ITEM ALERT🔥: Dried look not your style? Gigantic garland as a table runner is one of our personal trending faves for this year. Check it out here


Friendsgiving Ideas Main Course


Curate a thoughtful and creative menu if you want to take on the whole holiday hostess persona. Or incorporate the talents of your guests and host a potluck-style meal. Streamline this process by assigning people different courses. Just wait and see the exciting sides and desserts your friends bring! It's usually the responsibility of the host to cook the turkey, prime rib, ham, or whichever protein for the main course.


Friendsgiving Ideas Food


If you want to take your event further, you can create signature drinks and provide takeout boxes to send your guests home with leftovers. 

Kick off your holiday season this year with a bang. May this year's harvest and your Friendsgiving ideas be plentiful. We here at FiftyFlowers are so thankful for you, dear reader. Happy Holidays! 🦃


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