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Preparing for Petal It Forward 2022

Julia Thompson 03 Oct 2022
Preparing for Petal It Forward 2022 featured image FiftyFlowers in the community handing out flowers

We are so excited to announce that FiftyFlowers will be participating in Petal It Forward 2022. Petal It Forward is a national event organized by the Society of American Florists (SAF).

Thousands of florists and members of the floral industry have participated in Petal It Forward for the past seven years. They gathered their teams for one day in October to spread joy in their communities through SAF's goodwill initiative. Not only do they give away flowers and bouquets to strangers, but they also give them an additional flower or bouquet to share with someone else. The happiness goes even further than one group could do alone. That's what is so beautiful about the program. It shows that humans are stronger together and can spread joy to multitudes with a simple action.

Preparing for Petal It Forward 2022 FiftyFlowers basket of flowers

Petal It Forward is also a powerful way to demonstrate the positive health benefits of gifting flowers and keeping flowers close. We talk a lot about how amazing flowers are, but there's science to prove it too! We won't bore you with all the details, but if you'd like, check it out here. The point is flowers help you feel less stress, anxiety, and depression and more joy and compassion toward others. Flowers can also refresh your memory, increase creativity, and stimulate innovative thinking. Plus, there's something powerful in the act of giving.

Sadness and despair fill so much of the world these days. With a global pandemic, natural disasters, and violence, it can be discouraging. Everyone's mental health has taken a toll over the past few years. People's emotional health and well-being are essential. There's not a lot we can do about the tragedies worldwide, but we can try to make a difference for those close to us in our communities.

Preparing for Petal It Forward 2022 FiftyFlowers employees preparing for event

Flowers are powerful. FiftyFlowers invites you to come together and inspire your community by participating in Petal It Forward this year. We hope to see you! Don't forget to share your experience. Tag the Society of American Florists and FiftyFlowers and use #PetalItForward. 

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