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Why You Should Buy Yourself Flowers

Cham Tanteras 26 May 2022
Why You Should Buy Yourself Flowers featured image red roses

Are you looking for the perfect reason to buy yourself flowers? A flower subscription is an easy way to practice self care and treat yourself to beautiful blooms on a regular basis. With our sister brand, FlowerFix, you can choose the subscription that's right for you. From roses to bouquets to flower boxes, choose to find fresh flowers on your doorstep anywhere from once a month to once a week!

FlowerFix also provides the option to sign up for weekly text offers. We send you a text message with a photo and price of that week's flowers, and you opt-in with a simple "YES" or choose to decline by not responding. The weekly flower offerings are handpicked by CEO and Founder, Liza Roeser, and are sourced from sustainable flower farms from around the world.

Not sure a flower subscription is right for you? Here are five reasons to buy yourself flowers, and treat yourself to fresh flowers in your home over and over again:

1. You'll get fresh flowers delivered to your doorstep (and the shipping is free!)

Similar to our bulk flowers, you’ll receive fresh cut flowers from the farm delivered to your doorstep, with free shipping. With a flower subscription, you can skip the drive, store and lines, and just open your door to fresh flowers. Whether you choose to receive stunning bunches of roses each delivery, or hand-designed flower bouquets, you won't get tired of opening your box to see what you've received. A flower subscription is the gift to yourself that keeps on giving!

fresh flowers from a flower subscription service

2. Flower subscriptions are an affordable and flexible way to buy yourself flowers.

Our flower subscriptions are an affordable way to enjoy flowers, plus they are customizable to your schedule! Want to receive flowers every 2 weeks? No problem. Want to pre-purchase a 6 month subscription ahead of time? You can do that too! Want to pick and choose which weeks you receive flowers? Our text offers let you control when to say "YES" to your flower deliveries!

3. You'll get to experience new and unique types of flowers!

a box of yellow, green, and orange flowers for when you want to buy yourself flowers

One of the great things about FlowerFix is the ability to experience new varieties! We have great relationships with our farms, and through our ability to globally source fresh flowers, we are able to introduce these cutting-edge varieties to our FlowerFix’ers. Our bouquets, roses, and flower boxes often include brand new varieties that you won't find anywhere else.

A flower subscription is all about getting the full experience, which is why each delivery also comes with care instructions and a QR code for more information. Once you scan the QR code, you’ll be directed to our page with additional care instructions, fun facts, and more.

If you're looking for an extra unique experience, our DIY flower box subscription allows you to craft and create your own arrangements with each delivery. This is a great option if you want to buy yourself flowers, but also want to use your creative freedom to design something that fits your personal style.

4. You can enjoy flowers for every season and holiday!

With a FlowerFix subscription, you never have to worry about going out and finding flowers for your next dinner party! We pay close attention to the seasons and what's currently in bloom and on-trend. In the summer months, you'll get beachy blooms and summer-trending deliveries. Need an arrangement for your holiday table? We’ve got you covered with fall and winter themes that are perfect for all your holiday dinners. These bouquets also make a great hostess gift.

5. Buying yourself flowers is scientifically proven to bring joy.

white flowers in a watering can, flowers bring joy

A Rutgers University study on The Emotional Impact of Flowers found that flowers have an immediate impact on happiness and a long-term positive effect on moods. You're not just signing up for a flower subscription — you're signing up for joy! Let joy bloom in your home all year long with a FlowerFix subscription!

If you want flowers you can't find anywhere else, and prices that can't be beat, you should definitely sign up for a FlowerFix subscription!

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Originally written by: Thalia Basulto

Updated by Leah Britt on 12/28/2021.

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