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Hanging Floral Installation: A DIY Flower Arranging Tutorial

Christina Felt 23 Jun 2022
Hanging Floral Installation: A DIY Flower Arranging Tutorial

Hanging floral installations and sculptures are a fun new way to bring art into your event space. Installations can be created in a variety of sizes, shapes, designs, and include various types of flowers. They can be as diverse as you want them to be, and when you DIY, you are the artist! 

For this installation, we used trending monochromatic white flowers and economical bulk fresh cut flowers: baby’s breath, limonium, spray roses, cremons, and snapdragons, alongside a bushy mix of fresh cut and dried pampas, eulalia, and nettle. 

Our team at FiftyFlowers has heard a lot of great feedback from couples, clients, and designers who have said “just because the ceremony is small, doesn’t mean your flowers need to be.” Across the nation, as wedding plans have shifted, you might be looking for a way to keep the floral magic of your special day alive. A hanging floral installation is an exciting new way to go above and beyond with your wedding florals, no matter the size of your celebration.  

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1. One of the most important steps is deciding where the flower installation is going to be placed. Floral installations can weigh a lot, so it needs to be installed in a secure place that can hold a lot of weight for a long time. You can suspend the hanging wedding flowers from rafters or a pipe stand, or nailed into the front of a surface, like a fireplace mantle or wall.

2. Construct your floral installation holder. We used a chicken wire tube. It can also be constructed with Oasis materials, or placed directly onto branches or other design materials. However you choose to construct your hanging flower installation, get creative.

3. Suspend or affix the tube to where it will be hanging. Test that it will be secure. It's easiest to hang it now, rather than after you design it. This also helps you design perfectly to the space it will occupy.

4. Baby’s Breath and limonium were the base flowers for the grid of the design, but you can also use sticks or dried palms to create a different shape for your design and wire them directly to the cage. Creating a grid is a floral design term referring to how the stems interlock.

Hanging floral installation with babys breath.Hanging floral installation with Baby's Breath.

  5. Next, we incorporated snapdragons and daisies to strengthen the grid. 

Designing a hanging floral installation with snapdragons.Hanging floral installation with white daisies.

6. If you notice your design starting to lean forward, know that this is natural, and can be fixed by placing some flowers in the back of your design to help balance the weight.

Hanging floral installation balancing

7. Now place your statement flowers. We incorporated cremons, spray roses, and dried nettle. The baby's breath and limonium grid helped to hold the cremons and roses out instead of allowing those statement flowers to sink into the wire tube. This design pairs seemingly less expensive flowers like daisies and baby’s breath with more expensive roses, putting together elements that you traditionally wouldn’t think about using to develop the piece. This installation shows that you can both design anything and mix seemingly opposite flowers you traditionally wouldn’t combine.

 Adding cremons to a hanging floral installation.Adding pampas grass to a hanging floral installation.Adding spray roses to a hanging floral installation.Adding spray roses to a hanging floral installation.

8. Once you think you’re done with your hanging floral installation, step back, walk around it, and look for any holes. If you find holes or flowers not placed where you like them, tweak the design until you feel comfortable with placement. Step back and enjoy!

Hanging floral installation wide view.

No matter the design, hanging floral installations always look like stunning works of art, and your guests will be delighted to see your creativity. Getting to express yourself on your event day is an amazing gift and crucial to the design process. Use the hanging floral installation above a table, set it up for a stunning flower backdrop, or add a touch of unique whimsy to any home or personal space. Your personal design vision will make the gathering memorable for all those who attend.

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Check out the step by step video for this Hanging Floral Installation.


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