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Best Gifts for Flower Lovers: 7 Flower Gift Ideas

Kailee Palileo 18 May 2023
orange, pink, yellow, purple, and hot pink rose bouquet in the center of table

Do you have someone in your life who just loves flowers? (What can we say - they have great taste!) Buying gifts for flower lovers might seem simple at first: Just bring them beautiful blooms and watch their smiles unfold as the petals do, right?! When it comes down to it, though, picking the perfect flower gift for that special someone can feel overwhelming. With so many colors, styles, and arrangements to choose from, how do you decide?

Gifts for Flower Lovers on Your List:

FlowerFix by FiftyFlowers was designed to bring flower joy to people's homes, holidays, and hearts year-round. Offering a variety of subscription services, hand-designed arrangements, flower activities, and more, FlowerFix has flower lover gifts for everyone on your list.

1.) For Mom: A Flower Subscription


Help mom keep flowers on her table all year long with the gift that keeps on blooming! A flower subscription is a great way to make the mothers in your life feel loved and appreciated time and time again. Plus, having new flower arrangements to display gives her the chance to create a warm and welcoming space for everyone who visits. (Isn't that what moms tend to do best?) Whether you know a new mom who deserves to treat herself, or you want to show your own mother how much you adore her, a flower arrangement subscription will keep the blooms coming her way for months to come! 


Sign up to have flowers delivered to their doorstep every week, every two weeks, or every month. Better yet, plan ahead and purchase a pre-paid subscription for 3 months, 6 months, or for the whole year! Each flower delivery will bring a beautiful, hand-designed flower bouquet directly from our farms to their arms. These arrangements are overflowing with some of our most stunning blooms, and come ready to display.

2.) For Dad: An Online Wreath Design Class


A wreath kit is a perfect gift for the dads who love to do it themselves. Our online wreath class comes with all of the materials and tools they'll need to build their own wreath from scratch. Plus, they'll get access to a step-by-step video tutorial on how to create the perfect wreath. The fathers in your life will love this hands-on experience and will be thrilled when they get to display their final product on the front porch with the rest of the holiday lights and decorations. For the dads who love including their kids in their DIY projects, this is a great activity that can be shared with the whole family! 


Purchase an online wreath class here, and we will send an array of fresh greenery, berries, and pinecones right to their doorstep. They'll also receive necessary supplies like floral wire, holiday ribbon, and, of course, a wreath ring! Finally, we'll send an exclusive link to a pre-recorded online class with a certified floral designer. They'll have everything they need to create their wreath on their own time, in their own space, and at their own pace! 

3.) For Teachers: An Online Flower Design Class


Teachers make the world go round with their passion for teaching the next generation new skills. If anyone believes in the power of learning, it's these incredible individuals, so why not give them the chance to learn something new themselves! Give a holiday gift that your kids' teachers will never forget with an online flower class. This flower activity is a fun and relaxing way to try out a new hobby, make memories, and create something beautiful for the home. These make great gifts for flower lovers or for anyone who is crafty and creative. If you have friends who are teachers, they'll thank you for giving them the gift of learning this holiday! 


Our online flower design classes are similar to our wreath class. We send all of the fresh flowers, supplies, and step-by-step video instructions needed to create a stunning flower arrangement! Choose from a variety of colors, themes, and styles of arrangements for them to design. They can try this activity at home by themselves, or they can bring their loved ones or coworkers in on the fun! 

4.) For Grandparents: A Stunning Spiral Rose Bouquet


If your grandma or grandpa loves flowers, they'll certainly appreciate a classic and timeless rose bouquet. Chances are - they'll have never seen a rose arrangement quite like this, though! These 36 long-stemmed roses have been arranged in a spiral shape that allows them to stand all on their own in their shallow dish. This spiral rose bouquet has a show-stopping effect with its impressive height and unique structure. A rose arrangement this stunning is perfect for grandparents who deserve all of the grandest gestures of love and appreciation. Not to mention, this is the ideal gift for flower lovers who will appreciate this luxurious spin on the classic rose bouquet.


Choose from a variety of colors including red, white, or lavender roses. These blooms are shipped to the doorstep pre-arranged and wrapped in their perfect spiral shape. You'll also receive a clear dish to place them in! Simply remove this bouquet from the box, trim the stems, and stand the arrangement up in a shallow pool of cool water. Send these fresh flowers to your loved one's home, or deliver this majestic arrangement in person.

5.) For the Bride-to-Be: A Rose Subscription


Roses are a classic symbol of love and romance, making them a great way to celebrate newly engaged couples or current brides-to-be. A rose subscription will keep beautiful, fresh roses on their doorstep for months to come. Wedding planning can be stressful, and flowers are known to relieve stress. At the same time, engagement is an exciting season that should be celebrated, and flowers are known to create joy! A rose subscription is not only a great gift for flower lovers who happen to also be engaged, but it's also the perfect addition to a wedding registry. As the couple starts their life together, make sure that their new home and first year of marriage are both full of fresh roses. 


Similar to our flower subscription, you can choose the frequency of rose deliveries that's right for you. Choose between a re-occurring subscription or a pre-paid service! We offer some of the most unique and stunning rose varieties from across the globe and cut them fresh at our farms to be shipped directly to the doorstep. The recipient of this flower gift will be overjoyed to experience so many different colors, styles, and types of roses in their home! 

6.) For Your Best Friend: A Spiral Alstroemeria Bouquet


This gift for flower lovers is a sweet option for your closest friends, as alstroemeria flowers symbolize friendship. This flower arrangement is designed like our spiral rose bouquet, allowing these gorgeous blooms to stand tall all on their own. With the proper care, this spiral alstroemeria bouquet can be long-lasting, just like your friendship! When you gift these blooms to your bestie, they will feel like the very important person that they are. Give this one-of-a-kind flower gift to remind them that you'll be friends forever, and to show them how much you value their companionship.  


This arrangement comes in different colors such as white, pink, or yellow. There's also a mixed-color option that combines all of the vibrant colors of these flowers into one stunning arrangement! To care for this bouquet, follow the same steps as you would for the spiral rose bouquet. Remove the flowers from their box, trim them, and stand them up in their shallow dish of cold water! (Your vase is included with purchase.) Whether you hand-deliver this jaw-dropping flower gift or send it to a friend who is far away this season, they'll be blown away by the impressive nature of these blooms.

7.) For the DIY-Enthusiast: A Flower Box Subscription


Our Flower Box Subscription is the ultimate gift for flower lovers - especially those who like to design their own arrangements. If you're shopping for a crafty person in your life, this subscription will allow them to get creative with each delivery! Our flower boxes come with a selection of beautiful, fresh-cut blooms that can be designed into anything the heart desires. Each time your flower-lover receives their DIY flower box, they'll have endless opportunities to create a flower arrangement that is unique to them. 


Each delivery, your loved one will receive a box of fresh flowers for them to let their creativity run wild with. Schedule a delivery every week, every other week, or every 4 weeks. Like all of our other subscriptions, you can pre-purchase up to 12 months worth of flower box deliveries, as well!

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