Orchid Flower Wedding Pack 50 Dendrobium

Orchid Flower Wedding Pack 50 Dendrobium

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Orchid Flower Wedding Pack 50 Dendrobium

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Why You'll love the Orchid Flower Wedding Pack 50 Dendrobium

Orchid Flower Wedding Pack 50 Dendrobium holds an air of absolute composure within the realm of elegant wholesomeness, with a sort of prosperous grace and unique centralism about it. The entire mix is more on the delicate side, with more tender aspects about it to create a generally soft feel and atmosphere. The 50 dendrobium orchids are offered in 12 different colors, each still showing off the wholly natural element that these orchids are so seemingly accustomed to, full of a luxurious aptitude and still a certain strength of character from the personality they so accordingly present. Two bunches of Baby Monstera are also provided, along with five bunches of choice soft greens, to enhance its texture and sensitive appearance. With select garland, this mix suits all your centerpiece or even bouquet needs.

Recommended Delivery Date: 2 days before your event

  • If your event is Saturday suggested delivery date is Thursday. However, this package contains various flowers, each with an ideal delivery date. Once we receive your order, we will review the ideal delivery date for each flower you select, and we will call you if changes to the delivery date are necessary.
  • DIY Wedding Combos are available year round.
  • Note that the pictures shown are solely example arrangements of what could be created with this package. Flowers do not come prearranged and the picture could depict other types of flowers which are not included.
  • This package includes*:
    50 stems of Dendrobium Orchids with an average stem length of 45 to 50cm. You choose the colors. Several color options listed above are based on specific varieties. To view these varieties, please visit our Dendrobium Orchids page: https://www.fiftyflowers.com/flowers/dendrobium_134.htm
    2 grower's bunches of Baby Monstera leaves.
    5 grower's bunches of a soft greenery, you choose the type of soft greenery.
  • Expected vase life is an average of 8 days. Average vase life may vary with each flower type.
  • Since flowers are a product of Mother Nature and due to variation in monitor resolutions, the exact color tones of this flower may vary to some degree.

*Package contents and prices are based on availability and are subject to change due to weather and market conditions. 

+Your flowers will arrive looking thirsty and sleepy. This is absolutely NORMAL. Please refer to our Flower Care tab on this product page for a descriptive process on care and handling instructions.

++In the event that a substitution may be necessary, we take the utmost care in assuring that your order is as similar to your original flower choice as possible. While we will always try to reach you if this situation arises, occasionally time will not allow for this, and flower substitutions may be shipped without verbal confirmation from you. In the case of centerpieces, flowers within the same color palette will be used if possible, even if this means substituting other kinds of flowers of equal or higher value.

**Returns will only be accepted if flowers arrive in poor condition. Returns will not be accepted for circumstances resulting from negligence.