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Proper care of your flowers with professional flower food will ensure longevity in the vase. At FiftyFlowers, we designed the perfect flower processing supply kit in collaboration with the most renowned name in flower and plant care, Chrysal. This kit includes liquid concentrated flower food, professional preservative, leaf shine, a foliage stripper, and a flower care/handling pamphlet. Ensure your arrangements are at their best with this excellent floral care kit. This is a wonderful supply kit for DIY flower crowns and DIY wedding flower centerpieces.


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100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

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About the Chrysal Floral Care Kit

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  • Flower Care
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  • "• All the items you need to get started on proper floral care
     • Each kit contains:
      - 1 OASIS™ Bunch Cutter
      - 1 Floralife Crystal Clear® Flower Food 300, 10 ounce tub
      - Flower Care & Handling document
     • 6 kits per case"
    Top rated professional floral grade floral kit bundled up in sizes perfect for your event.
  • Easy to use, comes with complete how to instructions.
  • Each kit will be shipped directly from Chyrsal warehouse directly to your doorstep.
  • Non-perishable supplies are ground shipped and may arrive prior to the delivery date you select. Please take this into consideration when choosing your delivery date and shipping address.

Each product included in this kit has a specific purpose.  Included with this kit is: 

Chrysal Full Bloom Flower Food, 15 ml Liquid flower food for the complete development of flowers and suitable for floral arrangements in vase and floral foam. Specially designed to top up the vase solution and enjoy the flowers to the fullest. One bottle of concentrate makes 15 liters of floral solution.

  • For the complete development of flowers
  • Extends vase life by more than 100%
  • Keeps the flowers fresh and beautiful for longer
  • Dissolves clear and odorless in the vase water

Professional Glory, 16 oz. Aids in reducing transpiration (loss of moisture) to help fresh flowers and foliage last longer.

Helps keep flowers from losing moisture
Easy to use, just spray on.
Florist Quality
  • Protective finish for flowers and foliage
  • Helps keep flowers from losing moisture
  • Easy to use, just spray on.
  • Florist Quality
  • This product is not recommended to be sprayed on eucalyptus due to the risk of spotting that may occur on the "filmy" protective outer layer of these type of greens.

Leaf Shine Spray, 4 oz Chrysal Leafshine adds an instant natural gloss to leaves of plants and cut foliage in floral bouquets. It removes water spots and calcium deposits and it gives a protective shiny layer which keeps dust away. Furthermore, the evaporation of water is reduced, which will prolong the life time of the plants and cut foliage. It is a ready to use spray and dries quickly.

  • Adds instant natural gloss
  • Prevents dust from settling
  • Reduces evaporation of water by leaves
  • Glossy sheen effects of this spray last at least one month
  • Easy to use spray, dries quickly
Poly Rose Stripper, rose strippers of different colors. They work well to strip roses of their thorns. Long-lasting. 
  • Made of plastic with ridges to strip rose thorns
  • Works very well - professional florist top rated
  • Each stripper measures 6" x 6"

Our floral supplies are not perishable and can be delivered prior to receiving your flowers. For your supplies, we recommend selecting a delivery date two weeks prior to your event or wedding. Your supplies will arrive by the day you select on the calendar, but will most likely arrive before this date. Please take this into consideration when choosing your delivery date.

Customer Reviews

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worked well

5 Stars

This floral care kit is definitely worth buying, I had no doubt the beautiful flowers we bought would last on their own but these concoctions helped ensure their survival for the trip to the venue and in the hot sun as well as afterwards in our home after the wedding.

5 Stars

An absolute must have if you are caring for your own flowers leading up to the wedding.

4.5 Stars

These really helped keep our flowers fresh and healthy!

5 Stars

This was a lifesaver. We got married on the hottest day of the year, had to move our flowers around to different venues, and at the end of the day, they looked as pristine as they did before they left my cool basement. The nutrients gave them the strength to stay beautiful.