Rustic Wedding Flowers

I knew what kind of wedding flowers I wanted from day one: Juliet roses, garden roses, and anemones. I also knew I probably wasn't going to be able to afford them and I was going to have to settle. My husband and I were saving and paying for our wedding completely on our own and spending $5,000 on flowers just wasn't an option. So we had to figure out what our options were. We met with a few florists, but the quotes were way out of our budget. We thought about doing silk flowers, but they ended up being just as expensive as real flowers and not nearly as pretty. Then we found out about FiftyFlowers. We could buy our flowers in bulk, do the arrangements ourselves, and save thousands of dollars. Perfect!

We ordered our flowers and had them delivered 3 days before the wedding just as the flower care tips instructed. When they first arrived, they were very pretty. But after 3 days of hydrating, the blooms became so big and beautiful. My mother and mother-in-law helped with putting the arrangements together and it ended up being a lot easier than we expected. After all was said and done, the flowers ended up being one of my favorite parts of our wedding. Because of FiftyFlowers, I was able to have the wedding flowers I always wanted!

Thanks again to everyone at FiftyFlowers who helped make our wedding magical!

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