Rich Vibrant Color on a Stark and Snowy Day

I live for rich deep vibrant colors and when my husband and I decided on a winter wedding I knew that would be a challenge. March in upstate New York can go 2 ways, it could be furiously snowing creating a beautiful (but stark) all white backdrop or it could be raining and turn into a full on mudpie where the snow has disappeared and everything is still covered in one color.... Brown I knew I needed a serious pop that would hold its own against the forest green, white snow, and natural wood tones of the lodge and could brighten a muddy day if it chose to rain. I also have a love of expensive flowers and knew that I wanted anemone as must have! Lucky for me I found the Maroon Anemone and the Burgundy Dahlia and literally built my entire wedding pallet off these two flowers! I chose a light pink and a few deeper shades of berry to compliment the deep red of the burgundy, and brought in protea and ranunculus to get some fun textures!

I was lucky enough to have a few other events under my belt where I led the DIY flower arranging and so when my turn came I felt prepared and ready to go. I knew that I would need to have enough flowers to create 1 bridal bouquet, 5 Bridesmaids bouquets, 2 Mother bouquets, 6 boutonnieres, 6 Large centerpieces, 10 medium centerpieces, and 10 small centerpieces. I also had flowers set aside for my cake as well. I bought 15 buckets from home depot, 4 pairs of floral shears, green tape, and floral foam to use in construction. I had everything arrive Tuesday and ensured that I set time aside to get them out of boxes, cut, and in water between all the other appointments I had. I also had 3 people helping me and it took about 2 full hours from start to finish to get everything processed.

Assembly began on Wednesday night and lasted through mid afternoon Thursday before the rehearsal dinner. I knew that I had a lot of pieces that needed to be assembled and my bridesmaids, mom, and grandma all stepped up to help me get everything together. It was definitely a lot of work but it was also so much fun! No one in my wedding party had ever assembled flowers before, but after watching me do 1 or 2 they picked it up quickly and we got moving!

I absolutely LOVED how everything came out and can say that the flowers were my favorite part of the wedding. Looking back at photos and knowing I created so many elements myself is really special and it made me love that day so much more!

Fifty Flowers was amazing to work with and I have continued to use them for other events since this! The customer service is outstanding and the quality and value can not be beat!

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