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Classic Elegance in White: Stunning White Wedding Bell Products

Kailee Palileo 21 Sep 2023
FiftyFlowers White Wedding Bells DIY Flower Kit being held by bride

Floral arrangements are a beautiful way to express emotions, celebrate special occasions, or simply add a touch of nature's elegance to your surroundings. When it comes to crafting breathtaking arrangements, the combination of Ruscus, Baby's Breath, and Roses is a classic choice that never goes out of style. In this blog, we'll explore the art of arranging these exquisite blooms to create captivating and timeless displays that are perfect for any occasion and what wedding inspired us to create these products.

Liana Ramirez & Stephen Fritschle

Liana Ramirez and Stephen Fritschle wedding day

Liana Ramirez and Stephen Fritschle's wedding was a breathtaking celebration of love, and the floral arrangements were nothing short of enchanting. The couple chose a timeless and classic color palette of white, with baby's breath, roses, and ruscus for the bride and bridesmaids. The delicate Baby's Breath added an ethereal touch, while the White Roses symbolized purity and enduring love. The lush greenery of Ruscus provided a beautiful backdrop, creating an atmosphere of timeless elegance that perfectly complemented the couple's special day.

long white table with a variety of white floral arrangements

The bride and groom also chose to embellish their arrangements with a variety of other white flowers. The arrangements were a testament to the couple's commitment to a love that will flourish and endure, just like the blooms that adorned their celebration.

The Inspiration

Embracing the trend of elegant white weddings, Liana and Stephen flawlessly executed the theme, creating a celebration that was both timeless and chic. Check out this captivating gallery showcasing a few of stunning photos from their wedding, where the elegance of white became a canvas for their love story. Every detail, from the floral arrangements to the tables and chairs, reflects a perfect harmony of sophistication and modern trends.

bride with brides maid holding white roses and white baby's breath 
White rose and white baby's breath table centerpiece

Our Products

Liana and Stephen's wedding was truly an inspiration to us, so much so that we decided to craft an entire wedding collection, DIY flower kit, and centerpieces in its honor. We were captivated by the beauty and elegance of their special day, particularly the breathtaking bridal bouquet and the charming bridesmaids' bouquets. Thus, we've meticulously curated a wedding collection, a delightful DIY flower kit, and enchanting centerpieces, all designed to capture the allure and style of Liana and Stephen's wedding. Each element has been thoughtfully chosen to bring the same sense of romance and sophistication to your own wedding day, ensuring that your celebration is as unforgettable and gorgeous as theirs. Each of these products contain Baby's Breath, Ruscus, and Roses.

White Wedding Bells Wedding Collection

four vases with white flowers and corsages and boutonnieres

FiftyFlowers' wedding collections are carefully curated assortments of pre-made floral arrangements that are designed to elevate your wedding day with grace and charm. In this wedding collection, you have the option to select your preferred rose color! The baby's breath will be in white, complemented by ruscus greenery. These thoughtfully crafted collections encompass an array of floral creations, ranging from the enchanting bridal bouquet to the delicate bridesmaids' bouquets, and even the dainty corsages and boutonnieres that add a touch of elegance to your bridal party attire. These collections are a splendid choice for brides who desire the beauty of fresh blooms without the DIY aspect.

White Wedding Bells DIY Flower Kit

ten vases with roses, baby's breath, and ruscus

The White Wedding Bells DIY Flower Kit by FiftyFlowers emerges as an ideal choice for our creative and hands-on brides who relish the art of do-it-yourself floral arrangements. Meticulously curated, this kit guarantees a visually stunning outcome, ensuring that the flowers radiate beauty and elegance, regardless of the arrangement style chosen. The White Wedding Bells DIY Flower Kit showcases white baby's breath and white roses accented by ruscus greenery. With a thoughtful selection of blooms, this DIY kit empowers brides to infuse their personal touch into the design, promising a memorable and uniquely crafted floral display that perfectly aligns with their vision for the special day.

White Wedding Bells Centerpieces

three vases with small, medium, and large centerpiece

A FiftyFlowers centerpiece is a beautifully crafted floral arrangement designed to be placed in the center of a table or display at an event, such as a wedding reception, banquet, or special celebration. The White Wedding Bells Centerpieces features white baby's breath and white roses with ruscus greenery. These centerpieces are carefully curated and feature an array of fresh flowers and greenery, expertly arranged to create a stunning focal point for your event's decor.

In the world of weddings, where emotions are expressed through the language of flowers, the combination of Ruscus, Baby's Breath, and Roses stands as a timeless and enchanting choice. Inspired by the captivating celebration of love at Liana Ramirez and Stephen Fritschle's wedding, we've embarked on a journey to bring the magic of their special day to you through our meticulously crafted products. The essence of their classic white wedding, with its delicate Baby's Breath, pristine Roses, and lush Ruscus, has inspired our White Wedding Bells Wedding Collection, DIY Flower Kit, and Centerpieces. Each item in our collection is a tribute to the elegance and romance witnessed at their celebration.

Relive the beauty of Liana and Stephen's wedding by exploring our White Wedding Bells collection. Whether you're a bride seeking pre-made arrangements in our Wedding Collections or a hands-on visionary eager to craft your own with our DIY Flower Kit, we have something for everyone. Elevate your event with the timeless allure of white baby's breath, roses, and ruscus, ensuring your celebration mirrors the grace and sophistication of a love story as beautiful as Liana and Stephen's. Dive into the enchantment of floral artistry with FiftyFlowers and let your wedding day bloom into a masterpiece.


Photos 1, 2, 3, & 4: Photographer: @frannypullenphotography, Wedding Planner: @wolferandco / @thejamiewolfer, Florals: @fiftyflowers, Suits: @generationtux, Dresses: @sherrihill, DJ: @atlastentertainment, Venue: @canyonwoodridge, Videographer: @justinruizmedia, Cake: @raynedesserts, Hair & Makeup: @sammiezavala / @heyhaleybray / @makeupartistveronica, Champagne Flutes: @elenahonch, Food: @tuscanoitalian, Staffing @ambianceeventstaffing, Rentals: @premiereeventstx


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