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Protea Bouquet Breakdowns

Sage Leins 26 Jul 2023
Bride and bridesmaids holding flower bouquets

Proteas remind us of life's resilience and the beauty that arises from adversity. The unique flower symbolizes hope, courage, and enduring love. They have become popular choices for weddings and special occasions, where they infuse a touch of chic and meaningful sentiment.

Kaleidoscope of Floral Wonder

Protea flowers, also referred to as "sugarbushes," showcase an astonishing array of shapes, colors, and sizes. From the majestic King Protea, with its regal appearance and crowned beauty, to the delicate Blushing Bride Protea, adored for its soft, romantic appeal, each variety tells a captivating tale. Discover the resilient Pin Cushion Protea, the vibrant Impressive Protea, and the artful Red Dried Protea Flower - all contributing to a kaleidoscope of floral wonder.

Dating Back to Ancient Times

Protea, named after the Greek god Proteas, is native to the diverse landscapes of South Africa. Throughout history, the nectar of the Protea had practical applications, being utilized as a medicinal cough syrup during the 1800s. FiftyFlowers offers two riveting bouquets and Wedding Collections with protea flowers. We are eager to show you how we wondrously compliment our bouquets with proteas. Shall we begin?

Now, Our Bouquets...

Valentines Day Protea Flower Garden

Flower bouquet in a white vase.
Bouquet with a protea flower.

This bouquet embraces a whimsical appearance using shades of green while its pops of red color show sweet, affectionate love. Amidst the mini red blooms, we have the Empress Protea, the regal centerpiece of this romantic arrangement. The Empress Proteas presence is a grand declaration of one's passionate heart. Little buds of wax flowers bring attention to the details that matter, reflecting how even the details in a love story are treasured.

Bouquet Breakdown:

  • Mini green hydrangeas
  • Mini red carnations
  • Empress protea
  • White wax flower
  • Baby eucalyptus, grevillea, and ruscus

Valentines Day Candy Flower Bouquet


Bouquet in a white vase.
Hand holding flower bouquet

A charming bouquet for your beloved. It's a bouquet that brings a fairytale love to life! Empress proteas delightfully take center stage. Joyful sprinkles of wax flowers and soft blush roses collectively piece this arrangement together in the most beautiful manner.

Bouquet Breakdown:

  • Empress protea
  • Purple wax flower
  • Blush garden spray roses
  • Grevillia, safari sunset, ruscus, and baby eucalyptus 

Burgundy Pink Tropical Minimony Wedding Collection and Bordeaux Wedding Collection

Bride holding flower bouquet with protea flower inside.
Boutonnière in grooms jacket pocket.

Our Burgundy Pink Tropical Minimony Wedding Collection focuses primarily on elopement and intimate wedding options, while our Bordeaux Wedding Collection offers a broader selection of arrangements suitable for both larger weddings and enhanced minimony settings. The focal colors of burgundy and pink naturally designs an exquisite masterpiece for this Wedding Collection. Its flower choices are classy and graceful. The bouquet is then made complete with the majestic red protea.

Flowers and greenery:

  • Burgundy calla lilies
  • Burgundy scabiosas
  • Eucalyptus silver dollar and gunnii eucalyptus
  • Cream garden roses
  • Red leucadendron
  • Burgundy and purple mini calla lilies
  • Red protea
  • White roses


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