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3 Chic Ways to Add Black Into Your Wedding

Kailee Palileo 13 Jul 2023
chic way to add black into your wedding

As Fourth of July passes, Halloween is right around the corner so we figured we could take a quick break from our seasonal colors and step out of our comfort zone! Why not use the color black in your wedding? Black is a timeless color that is commonly seen in fashion and home decor so it's no surprises that we're seeing this color in weddings too. A wedding with an all-black theme or with black accents is not unheard of but they're definitely rare. When done correctly, all-black events can look chic, edgy and modern. We understand it can be a little intimidating to have such a dark color in your wedding palette, which is why We've rounded up three ways you can incorporate black into your wedding day without compromising the look!

Fresh Flowers

Nothing screams mysterious and chicness than a bouquet filled with deep purples and naturally black flowers like our Anemones. Although Anemones aren't entirely black they have a dark center with bone white petals. When paired with other flowers like our Burgundy Black Dahlias, it can create a nice contrast.  Mixing in other dark colors into your bouquet will surely be a statement piece when paired with your white wedding gown. Our shop by color feature makes it easy to find our black flower selection!

Navigating our black flower selection has never been easier, thanks to our intuitive shop by color feature. Seamlessly explore and discover the diverse array of blooms that encapsulate the essence of twilight and elegance, allowing you to effortlessly orchestrate a bouquet that resonates with your unique style and vision. As you embark on this journey to curate a bouquet that exudes mystery and timeless chicness, our meticulously curated collection awaits, ready to transform your wedding into an unforgettable tableau of opulence and enchantment.

Wedding Cake

Imagine a culinary masterpiece that embraces the darkness in the most elegant and refined manner. The monochromatic richness of an all-black cake is an aesthetic revelation, a sight to behold that instantly commands attention. Its sleek and minimalist exterior exudes an air of contemporary coolness, making a powerful statement that this is not just a cake, but a work of edible artistry.

The beauty of an all-black cake is further accentuated when adorned with metallic accents. The marriage of black with gleaming gold or silver invokes a captivating interplay of contrasts that adds depth and opulence to the visual narrative. These metallic flourishes delicately dance upon the cake's obsidian canvas, elevating its allure to a realm of unparalleled elegance.

And what better way to amplify the drama and sophistication of an all-black cake than by introducing the vibrancy of fresh flowers? Imagine delicate blooms in full bloom, their colors magnificently popping against the cake's dark backdrop, creating a stunning harmony between light and shadow. The juxtaposition of lush, vivid petals against the cake's noir expanse is a sight that resonates deeply, invoking emotions and sensations that are at once powerful and exquisite.

Sophisticated Invitations

The invitation boasts an exquisite fusion of darkness and opulence, where the play of black tones is flawlessly complemented by hints of gold. The result is a mesmerizing visual symphony that tantalizes the senses and promises a soirée of grandeur and refinement. The edges, delicately singed with a hint of warmth, mirror the sophistication of the event, creating a seamless union with the black and gold stationary that encases the message within.

This curated style of invitation is a testament to your discerning taste and unwavering dedication to the event's theme. It effortlessly harmonizes with any special occasion, embracing a versatility that allows it to seamlessly blend into a myriad of event themes. Whether it's an elegant black-tie gala, a captivating masquerade ball, or an intimate evening of celebration, this style of invitation serves as a striking prelude to the enchantment that awaits.

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Featured photo: Venue: @theatriumatwoodlake Photographer: @adrienneanddani Videographer: @jbweddingphotography_ Design, Styling + Coordinator: @rainbow_weddingsevents Styling + Floral Designer: @wildflowersdg Wholesale Flowers: @fiftyflowers Cake + Desserts Designer: @bakerandablackcat Macarons: @rooftopmacarons Grazing Table + Curated Style Cuisine: @thehiddentable Hair + Makeup Artist: @personifybridal Gowns: @aebridal @thebridalbox.roseville @onyxbridalsac @perfectdressparty Suits: @tuxedodenca Jewelry + Ties: @macysroseville @macys Jewelry + Accessories: @mariellonline @renewablejewels @sorrellisparkle @styleavestudios Rentals: @celebrationseventrentals @blossomfarmvintagerentals Linens: MG Linen Services Invitation Suite: @fawcettavepaperco Menus + Custom Signage: @lindawilmarthdesigns Tarot Reader: @the_tender_hearted_healer Real Couple Models: Corina + Arlistel Publication: @realweddingsmag



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