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Glam and Ghoulish: 15+ Halloween Wedding Ideas

Julia Thompson 03 Oct 2022
Halloween Wedding Ideas Featured Image

'Tis the season to be spooky. And these Halloween weddings are loaded with ideas! Come with us on a tantalizing tour of the creepiest, crawliest ideas we've ever seen at weddings. Let us guide you through haunted ceremonies, ghoulish gardens, and terrifying terraces, calling out the best Halloween wedding ideas along the way. Are you ready?

The first batch of witchy wedding ideas is from Amy and Tory's Masquerade HalloWedding, genuinely one-of-a-kind. With glamorous undertones, dark, rich colors, and a scary setting, this elegant affair is to die for! And now, for the Halloween wedding ideas:

1) Rent an Old Theater - no location will set the scary scene more quickly than a dark, old screening room that smells like popcorn and reeks of years of screams from scary feature films! If you can't have your event there, arrange a photo opportunity because the vintage vibe of the old theater screams spooky!

Halloween Wedding Ideas rent a theater

2) Period Wedding Attire - Clothing items inspired by the past have a unique ability to invite in the terrorizing tone of dark times gone by. The nostalgia of eras like post-WWI and Medieval times emanates from the dark, simplistic garments they wore. To step into the spooky vibe, consider wedding attire inspired by days of yore.

Halloween Wedding Ideas opulent old fashion outfits

3) Vintage Automobile - getaway with intrigue in a dramatic, old car that reminds you and your guests of a sepia-toned film. An automobile is quite large and sets the stage and tone of your space quite quickly. It also makes the ideal haunted backdrop for your family portraits! Just don't be surprised if someone new appears in the photograph once it's developed.

Halloween Wedding Ideas vintage automobile

4) Masks - There's something inherently dark, moody, and often frightening about a person wearing a mask. High-art masquerade is the Halloween wedding idea that lends glamorous style and a shrill note of anxiety. Darning masquerade-style masks for your grand entrance will undoubtedly surprise and delight most devilishly.

 Halloween Wedding Ideas masks

5) Dark Florals - Fresh flowers come in various spooky shades, such as black, burgundy, blood red, and deep purple. Pair these carnal shades with the sparkle of metallic fillers and greenery to establish the spooky, glamorous floral design that so very well delivers on our list of Halloween wedding ideas.

Halloween Wedding Ideas dark florals

6) Ghoulish Details - Something wicked this way comes... Schedule your Halloween wedding more than one year in advance so you can snatch up all the Halloween decor on sale right after the day of the dead. Little coffins, pens, tombstones, bats, and webs can be part of your ceremony decor, welcome table, reception centerpieces, wedding party bouquets, and boutonnieres. Use them to instantly remind folks that ghosts, goblins, and ghouls are roaming this night.

Halloween Wedding Ideas festive details like coffins, skulls pens, and a geometric cake

7) Geometric Cake - Like becoming lost in a maze, patterns disorient and confuse, making them an enticing choice for your wedding cake inspiration. This couple paired bold black and white rhombus with tombstones, resulting in a decadent yet paralyzing design.

Let's turn the dark eye to another wave of insanely spooky Halloween Wedding Ideas as we peruse the Seven Deadly Saints and Sinners Dinner. There's an entirely new level of freaky embodied in these images. And we hope your mind continues to enjoy them:

Halloween Wedding Ideas cocktails

8) Table Cards - The Seven Deadly Sins printed on little cards burst out of the table centerpieces and match the menu card.

Halloween Wedding Ideas menu

9) Mannequins - When mannequins appear outside a department store, they never fail to lure and cast an otherworldly shadow.

Halloween Wedding Ideas mannequin

10) Candelabra - Like entering a wicked ball held in a dark and stormy castle, covered in the same tone as a Tim Burton movie, a candelabra is a glamorous way to establish a vintage spooky vibe.

Halloween Wedding Ideas candelabra

11) Old Church Venue - Creating your event in a space designed to nurture only light in us is a curious paradox when designed with the other side of the veil in mind. Choosing a church venue may be the Halloween wedding idea that allows for the perfect backdrop to achieve the desired atmosphere.

Halloween Wedding Ideas venue

12) Red Roses - Of all the blooms, there is only one that reminds us of life, death, and everything in between. The poignant red rose so astutely standing tall on your reception tables will evoke a tinge of creepiness, unlike any other blossom.

Halloween Wedding Ideas red roses

13) Grotesque Food - Slimy oysters on a half-shell with a deconstructed plunger of sauce are less than appetizing until you know how tasty they will be. Scintillate the guests' senses with potentially unnerving food presentations that excite their senses in strange ways.

Halloween Wedding Ideas food featuring oysters

14) Horrific Cocktails - Glassware smudged with unsightly black marks make guests ask themselves are those the flies or spider legs in my cocktail? Surprising guests with unexpected friends in their glass will evoke their most powerful emotions and is thus one of the ultimate Halloween wedding ideas.

Halloween wedding ideas various cocktails

Bonus: Check these out just because I think they're cool! 

Halloween Wedding Ideas creative cocktail dispenser

15) Haunted Entertainers - Violinists, pianists, and even servers become instant decor when they wear masks, costumes, or face paint to set the mood. The Halloween wedding idea that enlists the vendors supporting your day, transforming them into freakish characters to set the scene, is an ultimately brilliant plan.

Halloween Wedding Ideas haunted entertainers

16) Wedding Party Face Paint - Dark and illusory designs on the faces of your bridal party are a mysterious alternative. Pair with headbands of goat horns for a particularly satanic spin. Experienced evil-seekers only for this Halloween wedding idea.

Halloween Wedding Ideas face paint

17) Wicked Styling for the Bride - White witch contrasted with bold blue face paint around the eyes, the bride is hauntingly beautiful with an unbridled air of intrigue.

Halloween Wedding Ideas wedding dress

We hope you found some inspiration for your glam and ghoulish day. Whatever wicked nightmares or enchanting daydreams you create for your Halloween wedding, it's sure to be boo-tiful.

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Masquerade Glam HalloWedding - Photography: Kristen Marie. To see more details on this Spooktacular HalloWedding, check out the feature on Green Wedding Shoes

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