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How to Make a Centerpiece Using a Floral Design Pillow

Sage Leins 17 May 2023
How to Make a Centerpiece Using a Floral Design Pillow

Have you ever used a floral design pillow? If not, or if you need a refresher, let us show you how! We created this simple, yet elegant centerpiece using one of our favorite floral design tool kits.

The DIY compote vase kit includes beautiful floral vessels and design pillows. The frame of the pillow supports flower and greenery stems while maintaining the structure of the arrangement, which you'll see below. One of the many benefits of this design tool is that it is reusable and is a great alternative to floral foam or chicken wire.

These design pillows are made of lightweight plastic and make designing centerpieces easy and efficient. The pillow also simplifies the process of transporting your centerpiece from one vase to another.

Follow the step-by-step instructions below to re-create this look!

Here's what you'll need to recreate this look:

    1. Secure Your Floral Design Pillow

    Begin by placing your design pillow into the compote. You'll want to use tape to secure the egg. This will make it easier to arrange and to travel.

    2. Create Using Base Greenery

    Start the arrangement with your greenery first. For this look, we started with seeded eucalyptus and then filled in the extra space with silver dollar eucalyptus. When weaving in the greenery, you'll want to make sure the stems hit the bottom so that they'll continue to drink water.

    3. Add in Your Big Statement Blooms

    To add more fullness and volume, we then added ivory white hydrangeas at an angle. You'll need two on either side.

    4. Add in Garden Roses

    We then added garden roses in between the hydrangeas. We recommend adding them in groupings in various heights. Feel free to adjust as needed.

    5. Fill in Empty Space with Filler Flowers

    Once your garden roses are in, add in a fun filler like wax flowers! We added stems of wax flower in a line going down the arrangement. Finish it off by adding baby eucalyptus this type of eucalyptus is tall and adds width and texture. Cut the greenery at different lengths, and loosely insert them at an angle.

    Have fun with this look! Play around with the length and angles until you're happy with the centerpiece.

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