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The 10 Best Flowers for Mother's Day and Their Meaning

Leah Britt 15 Apr 2022
Colorful tulips, a popular choice for Mother's Day flowers

Are you searching for the perfect gift to get your mom this Mother's Day? Here's our advice: You can never go wrong with a bundle of fresh flowers! With so many styles and colors to choose from, it can be difficult to decide which blooms to order. To help with your decision, we've compiled a list of the most popular types of flowers for Mother's Day, and what each of them symbolizes!

The 10 Best Flowers for Mother's Day: 

1.) Roses

It's probably no surprise that roses are one of the most popular types of flowers for Mother's Day! These beautiful blooms are timeless, elegant, and available in a wide selection of colors. If your mom has a classic style, then a bundle of roses might be just what she wants!

The symbolism of roses varies depending on the color. Pink roses represent elegance, sweetness and appreciation, making them ideal for showing your mom adoration. Yellow roses, on the other hand, represent joy and friendship - perfect for anyone who feels that their mom is their best friend! For a full breakdown of rose symbolism, check out our blog on Rose Color Meanings. 

Close up of light pink roses, a popular type of flower for Mother's Day

2.) Carnations

Carnations have been traditionally associated with Mother’s Day for a long time. These affordable, and durable, flowers for Mother's Day feature playful, ruffled petals. Order them in a variety of colors, or opt for dainty mini-carnations instead!

Carnations are known to symbolize beauty, making them a fitting gift for all the beautiful mothers in the world. Symbolism also varies depending on color, with pink carnations specifically symbolizing motherly love... how perfect!

Colorful Mother's Day carnations in red, yellow, pink, and white

3.) Tulips

Tulips are classic spring flowers that represent confidence and affection. With sleek, elongated petals, and chic green leaves, these Mother's Day flowers are a picture of pure class. With so many bright and vibrant hues to choose from, give a bundle of tulips to your mom to brighten her day.

FUN FACT: Fresh tulips are unique in that they continue to grow, even after they’re cut - similar to how a mother's love will never stop growing! 

A bouquet of flowers for mother's day with yellow, pink, orange, and red tulips

4.) Lilies

Lilies are another beloved type of Mother's Day flower. These blooms are known for their feminine appearance and sweet fragrance, making them a favorite for many moms! With buds that unfold into large, star-shaped blooms, sending lilies on Mother's Day is sure to impress.

These flowers carry some symbolism of motherhood - including new life, fertility, innocence, and fruitfulness. Choose from a several different sub-varieties, and a variety of colors! 

Light pink lilies with light green center, in vase

5.) Calla Lilies

If you decide to use calla lilies as your flowers for Mother's Day, your mom will certainly thank you! Their elegant trumpet-shape gives calla lilies a chic and refined look. While there are many different meanings for this type of flower, they are generally associated with a sense of beauty. Gift a bouquet of calla lilies to "wow" your mom and show her that she is beautiful inside and out!

A bunch of burgundy, yellow, and white calla lily flowers for mother's day

6.) Peonies

Everyone loves peonies! These blooms are especially popular during springtime, making them a great Mother's Day flower. While they are often in season during the months of April and May, it's important to note that, some years, their availability is extremely limited. If you're able to get your hands on this elegant, well sought-after flower, you're in luck! In fact, these flowers literally hold meanings of prosperity and good fortune. 

Close up picture of large pink peony flowers, which are very popular for mother's day and spring

7.) Sunflowers

Sunflowers are a very cheerful flower, and are some of our favorite flowers for Mother's Day due to their bright nature. Representing adoration, wisdom, and loyalty, these blooms are a fun choice for all of the moms out there who love to soak up the sunshine! Bundle sunflowers together for a classic, rustic look, or pair them with roses or hydrangeas to create an interesting bouquet. 

Woman holding bunch of bright yellow sunflowers

8.) Gerber Daisy

The Gerber daisy is another flower that evokes feelings of happiness. In addition to their meaning of cheerfulness, Gerber daisies can hold other symbolism. In red, they represents love, and in pink, they stand for admiration and gratitude. It's no wonder that pink and red Gerber daisies are popular types of flowers for Mother's Day! We guarantee that your mom will love the large, colorful blooms of these flowers. 

A mix color bouquet of Gerber daisies for mom

9.) Garden Roses

Garden roses are closely related to standard roses, but with their higher petal count, they can start to resemble peonies! Their cup-shaped blooms are densely packed with swirls of ruffled petals, giving them a full and luxurious look. Your mom will love receiving a bundle of garden roses on Mother's Day! If you're wondering wha your garden roses symbolize, you'll want to refer back to our list of Rose Color Meanings.

Bouquet of ivory white garden roses for mother's day

10. Gladiolus

For a show-stopping gift, consider gifting gladiolus flowers for Mother’s Day. Gladiolus are tall flowers with multiple, trumpet-shaped blooms along their stems. Do you admire your mom's generosity, character, and sincerity? If so, these blooms are the perfect gift to honor her, because they symbolize all of those things! 

Bright and tall gladiolus flowers in red, yellow, and pink

Choosing the Right Flowers for Mother's Day

Picking out flowers for Mother's Day is all about making your mom feel special. As you shop, consider what colors and styles your mom enjoys. There are multiple ways to order and gift flowers, too! Our ready-to-go bouquets and arrangements are hand-designed with the perfect combination of blooms. You can also order wholesale flowers that come fresh from our farms and right to your doorstep. Get your mom's favorite flower in bulk and decorate her home, or buy a mix of flower types and design a handmade arrangement for her.

FiftyFlowers offers a wide variety of colors, types, and styles of fresh flowers, and free shipping on all orders! Make sure to follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest to discover more flower inspiration, or visit our YouTube for DIY tutorials.

Originally Written by Thalia Basulto, Updated by Leah Britt

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