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Flower Pro of the Month: Nikki's Perfect Petal Designs

Leah Britt 13 Apr 2022
Flower Pro of the Month: Nikki's Perfect Petal Designs

Flower Pro of the Month: Nikki's Perfect Petals

Flowers are for everyone, but some people just have that “magic touch.” While many of our clients are DIY couples and crafty floral design beginners, FiftyFlowers also works with a variety of flower industry professionals. We supply these talented individuals with the wholesale flowers they need to bring their jaw-dropping arrangements to life. Warmly referred to as “Flower Pros” around our office, we figured it was about time we introduced some of these incredible designers and their awesome flower skills!

This week, we’re featuring our first ever Flower Pro of the Month: the founder and owner of Nikki’s Perfect Petal Designs in Southeast Ohio. 

Nikki, florist, designs a purple flower arrangement in her studio

An Early Passion for Flowers

Nikki Flathers puts the ‘pro’ in Flower Pro with 15 years of industry experience. Her flower career began when she started craving a creative outlet aside from her typical 9-5 job. “A local greenhouse and florist offered a four-week class. I went thinking I wanted to focus only on wedding flowers. I took that class, signed up for a bridal show, and the rest is history!” Nikki recalled.

Her passion for flowers, however, began much earlier in life. “My mom owned and operated a greenhouse throughout my childhood. I worked with her all through school, so I had a love for floral at an early age.” According to Nikki, it’s hard not to love what she does: “We get to have the best job ever - creating designs for a couple’s most important day!” 

Bride with pink peony bridal bouquet and flower crown kisses her groom

A recent wedding designed by Nikki and her team using FiftyFlowers blooms

Working with FiftyFlowers: You Won't Regret It

This particular Flower Pro came across FiftyFlowers as she was conducting online research for her own floral business. Nikki continues to work with FiftyFlowers, today, for a number of reasons: “Customer service, product quality, and product availability are why we love working with FiftyFlowers.” 

As a firm believer in providing excellent customer experiences, Nikki also appreciates the features on that make shopping for fresh flowers simple and enjoyable. “The shop by color feature on the site is so helpful. I refer my customers there to check out their color scheme and to let them take control of what florals they like. It is also so helpful that the flower season and availability are listed on the site.” 

We asked Nikki what she would say to anyone who is looking at ordering their blooms through FiftyFlowers, and she had this to report: “You won't regret it. The quality, variety, and availability of florals, greenery, and filler flowers are remarkable.”

White candlesticks and bud vases with pink and orange flowers decorate this wedding table


Providing the Ultimate Customer Experience

The professionals at Nikki’s Perfect Petal Designs are all about providing the ultimate experience for their clients. Nikki believes that her team is set apart by their customer service, flexibility, and dedication to delivering an amazing wedding experience.

“We don't have one style we are set on designing. We adapt to what our client's visions are and work very hard to exceed their expectations. We are genuinely excited to work with our clients and love to give them a great one-on-one experience.” 

To achieve that personalized experience, and to ensure that their clients’ dreams are coming to life down to every last detail, Nikki’s Perfect Petal Designs offers an in-person consultation to all who are interested. “We include a sample during the meeting to make sure the colors and designs match their vision. We meet in a space that has the same size table they would be sitting at, with cathedral ceilings, which allows them to visualize what they will be getting on their wedding day.”

In other words, when clients work with Nikki and her team, they have the opportunity to step right into the floral design process. For many couples, being able to communicate openly with their florist allows them to approach their big day with confidence and peace of mind. 

 Bride and groom stand in front of bright pink flower arch with their dog and his flower collar

The Joys of Floral Design

“We have so many orders through FiftyFlowers that it is hard to choose just one, “ Nikki shared when we implored about her favorite FiftyFlowers wedding that she’d designed. “I love it when we have an event that is out of the ordinary and we order products like King or Pincushion Protea, or when the Alaskan Peonies come in and they are the size of our face!”

The overall process of designing wedding flowers seems to energize Nikki, but the real magic, for her, lies in seeing how the florals impact her clients. Here at FiftyFlowers, we talk a lot about the joy that flowers spread, and Nikki gets to witness that joy firsthand! “The most exciting part of the entire process are the brides who tell me they haven't cried *yet*... Cue us setting up the florals, and the tears of joy appear. Most people are blown away once they see their floral vision come to life!” 

A fun bride and father of the bride photo, laughing with flower crowns on

Of course, we had to know Nikki’s favorite flower. There are so many to choose from, and every flower expert seems to have a different take on this long-standing debate: “Lilacs are my absolute favorite.” Nikki revealed. “Roses, ranunculus, and peonies are all very close runners-up. The lilacs are just so fragrant. I remember making arrangements of them from my yard growing up!” 

For her fellow Flower Pros out there, Nikki leaves these words of wisdom: “Be flexible and remember that without your clients, you wouldn’t get to be doing what you love. Be thankful for the couples and those they refer to you. Lastly, hire a team that lifts you up and that you can count on. That has made the biggest difference for my company. My staff is as amazing as they come!”

In general, Nikki wants to remind everyone who is working with flowers, both beginners and professionals, to take on projects that are outside of their comfort zones. “You can do more than what you think you are capable of!”

Team of Ohio wedding florists gather for a group hug picture

Nikki and her dream team currently bring flower magic to the greater Cleveland area, including the towns of Akron, Canton, Youngstown, and Dover, although they are willing to travel further upon request. Aside from their floral design services, they also co-own a small church that is the perfect intimate wedding venue! To connect with Nikki’s Perfect Petal Designs visit their website or follow @nppdesigns on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook

FiftyFlowers provides gorgeous, fresh flowers for DIY weddings and events, as well as floral professionals like Nikki. If you need affordable, high-quality, wholesale flowers, visit us at and shop our wide selection of blooms. Not sure where to start your DIY flower journey? Check out our Make This Look page or book a consultation to find inspiration and expert advice.

Written by Leah Britt

Bridal portrait, long train, pink peony bouquet, and flower crown

Coordinator: Whitney Marie Events
Flowers: FiftyFlowers
First and Sixth Photo: Sabrina Hall Photography
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