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Flower Pro of the Month: Darin Bahl from Tailored Twig

Leah Britt 13 Apr 2022
Flower Pro of the Month: Darin Bahl from Tailored Twig

Here at FiftyFlowers, nothing brings us more joy than watching our flowers transform into stunning arrangements. We love working with couples and individuals as they embark on their DIY flower adventures, and we also have the honor of working with talented floral design professionals who we like to call Flower Pros.

As we highlight these experts who take our blooms and create flower magic, we continue to be amazed by their skills and dedication. Our Flower Pro of the Month, Darin Bahl, is no exception. We are so excited to feature him, and his team at Tailored Twig, for their incredible work in the flower industry. 

Florist, Darin Bahl, works hard on a floral design in his studio

From the Garage to the Big Stage

Twelve years ago, Darin began his floral design career "completely and totally by accident." Starting off in the restaurant and hospitality industry, and later working as the Director of Sales and Events for an elite club in Connecticut, Darin eventually found himself in Florida. In an effort to recreate what he had experienced in Connecticut, he started his own business.

"I called it Darin Bahl Event Design. I was essentially offering planning services along with designing the look and feel of the event, which, at the time was a novel concept."

After a year, Darin encountered an unexpected obstacle as he tried to cultivate clients: "It was clear to me that brides just felt more comfortable with a female planner." As a result, Darin made his way back to Connecticut, where he spent six weeks in a floral design shop that he had previously worked with. When he returned, he was ready to rebrand his business.

Thus, Tailored Twig was born. "Floral design became our main service. It was only me. In my house. Working out of my garage." Today, Darin and his team have shared the stage with celebrity planners, and have worked on events all around the world. 

Head table flowers with white and pink roses

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FiftyFlowers: It's All About the Relationship 

FiftyFlowers crossed paths with Tailored Twig when Darin met our CEO and founder, Liza Roeser, at an industry conference. "Liza looked me square in the eyes and said: 'What's it going to take for you to buy flowers from us?' I was so impressed by her confidence and poise... I've been a customer ever since."

According to Darin, the product quality, pricing, and services at FiftyFlowers are top-notch. His continued loyalty to FiftyFlowers, though, is "all about the relationship." For him, it's his friendship with FiftyFlowers' team member, Lauren Johnson, who has become "incredibly aware" of his team's preferences and operations. For others, our Customer Care team is dedicated to lending a helping hand throughout the process of ordering, receiving, and designing flowers. Regardless, we value the relationship with each of our clients, and love being a part of their special days!

Table setting with pampas grass and pink rose centerpiece, pink tablecloth, and gold accents

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Going the Extra Mile (Literally)

It's apparent that the team at Tailored Twig is set apart by their willingness to go above and beyond. Darin and his team are motivated by the mantra,"WE CREATE SPACE," meaning they are dedicated to achieving the bigger picture. "To simply call us floral designers would significantly downplay what we offer. Anything and everything that plays a part in aesthetics and guest experience, we usually have a hand in." This means that the team at Tailored Twig is usually involved in not only flowers, but also layout, lighting, linens, rentals, entertainment, and more.

Tailored Twig is located in Tampa, Florida, but their work is not limited by state boundaries. They really are willing to go the extra mile! Darin and his team have found themselves designing all throughout the United States, as well as internationally in Canada, Mexico, and even France. "When these events take place, we bring amazing talent to the destination, oftentimes with supportive designers from our network around the world. Tailored Twig embraces these possibilities enthusiastically!" 

Bright wedding flower bouquets with orange, yellow, and white

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Pushing the Envelope

Darin describes his team as "consistently pushing the envelope of design and style." In the spirit of innovation, Tailored Twig has created a new concept of virtual floral design which is now accessible across the entire United States. 

The Virtual Design Studio allows anyone to step into floral design with Darin as their expert guide. With live-streamed classes twice a month, and fresh flower kits delivered straight to the doorstep, Tailored Twig has opened up a door for anyone and everyone to learn professional design techniques from their home. 

With multiple packages available, you can purchase anywhere from one class to six classes. Visit Tailored Twig's Virtual Design Studio page for more information on workshops, and all that they entail. 

Using materials such as wood, metal, and fabric in their arrangements also sets Tailored Twig apart as a trailblazer in the industry. This strategy allows the team to create floral designs that truly resonate with each individual client. "Incorporated in virtually all of our arrangements is an 'architectural defining element,' which is commonly something other than flora. This openness and versatility of ingredients afford us more opportunities to draw from a client's likes or passions. Our goal is to feel a strong connection with those seeking our services." 

Tall, unique centerpieces with greenery and pink roses

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Floral Design: Making the Noise Stop

Flowers mean something different to everyone, and for this Flower Pro, floral design feels like a sort of safe haven from the rest of the world. "The first time I designed flowers, the noise stopped," Darin shared. "I've been chasing that sense of peace and serenity ever since."

While working with flowers isn't always easy, Darin believes that it’s worth it. "Strap in - it's a hell of a ride," he advises to those designing flowers. "It's going to feel, at times, like you've lost your mind, and then, hopefully, you'll have moments where the noise stops and you will once again realize why you do what you do." Drawing most of his inspiration from nature, this sense of both serenity and passion is evident throughout his arrangements. 

You can bring Darin’s passion to your upcoming wedding or event by visiting We also encourage you to follow Tailored Twig on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter to see more of their incredible designs! 

Finally, we asked Darin to share his favorite flower with us. "That is a silly question... too many to say," he answered. If he had to choose, he reports that clematis, flowering artichokes, and gloriosa are some of his favorites.

If you aren’t familiar with these unique blooms that Darin loves, check out the links below! 

Clematis Flowers 

Flowering Artichokes

Red Gloriosa Lilies 

Feeling inspired by Darin’s incredible work? We are too! FiftyFlowers ships a wide variety of fresh flowers right to your doorstep. We also offer professional design tools, DIY flower combo packs, and more so you can start exploring the world of flowers from the comfort of your home.

Stunning white orchid flower arch for luxury wedding

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Written by Leah Britt

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