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Flower Pro of the Month: Kaitlin Garrett of Avant Garden Amarillo

by Leah Britt 13 Apr 2022 0 Comments
Flower Pro of the Month: Kaitlin Garrett of Avant Garden Amarillo

We're back with another Flower Pro highlight, and we promise our latest Flower Pro of the Month is going to blow you away with her top-tier designs. In her own words, she knows how to "completely exceed expectations," and we'd have to agree!

"Flower Pros" are those talented professionals who take our flowers, and turn them in to works of art. We're continually inspired by their passion and creativity, and we love sharing glimpses of their stories with both DIY flower designers and other professionals. This week, we have the pleasure of introducing you to Kaitlin Garrett of Avant Garden Amarillo!

When Talent and Grit Collide

Kaitlin's story is marked by the perfect storm of talent and hard work. "I began way back in 2008, when I was attending WTAMU for social sciences and psychology," Kaitlin shared when asked how her flower journey first began. "My sister, Karoline, had a best friend whose parents owned a floral shop. I had always been super creative, so my dad asked Tonya if I could have a job, and the rest is history."

Starting off as a customer sales assistant, and moving her way up from there, Kaitlin spent about 9 years working hard under Tonya and Wilson Freeman who "showed her the ropes" of floral design. In 2016, she spread her wings, and started taking her own clients from her own "tiny apartment."

It was during this time that Kaitlin met her former client, and now current employer, Rachelle Tuls. "She saw my talent for not only designing, but also my knack for really engaging in what the customer wants. Rachelle took a chance on me, and my God given talents. Now, after two years of a lot of blood, sweat, and tears - many, many tears - we are Amarillo's premier floral shop."

A stunning flower backdrop with pink flowers, tropical flowers, and dried flowers

No Dream Too Big, No Budget Too Small

When asked what sets her apart as a designer, Kaitlin answered: "I'm truly able to capture the moment. I can take any initial client meeting, and completely exceed expectations. I can take their vision, plus my experience, and elevate it beyond their wildest dreams. Taking their idea, and turning it into reality is what it's all about for me."

It seems that there's no dream too big, or budget too small, for this determined designer! "Whether you're trying to make your next door neighbor smile, or pull off an event for a non profit organization where the budget is next to nothing - I'm full of ideas!" Kaitlin is able to combine affordability with luxury, thanks to her knack for examining budgets, and her willingness to get creative. "I know how to use carnations and mums and "funeral' flowers to maximize my clients budget, while not taking away from the elegance that they wish to display," she explained.

Aside from floral design, Kaitlin has also coordinated weddings and other events.

Groom sees bride coming down the aisle, holding a white tropical orchid bouquet

Working with FiftyFlowers: "It's the Customer Service for Sure!"

So how did Kaitlin start ordering from FiftyFlowers? It all goes back to that first flower shop! During her time there, she met Lauren, one of our very own flower experts, who helped her place orders for the shop. "When I left, I just continued to reach out to her. She really has been the one who has contributed to my wide knowledge of florals and different products in the industry!"

When asked why she continues to choose FiftyFlowers as her floral provider, Kaitlin said: "It's the customer service, hands down!" Working with Lauren, and FiftyFlowers, has meant having one-on-one care and assistance. "(Lauren) bounces ideas around for me. If something isn't available, she finds the next best thing! There's been times where I've had to find last minute florals for a client, and she has them shipped to me the next day. She truly is a magic worker!"

Kaitlin also noted that FiftyFlowers has remained helpful, available, and knowledgable, even through difficult times. Her relationship with our team has helped her stay in-the-know about industry happenings and price inflations.

A close up of a wedding arch with pink tropical flowers, pampas grass, and roses

The Power of Flowers

"Flower power" takes on a whole new meaning for Kaitlin. For her, floral design is the art of transforming a given space. "The thing I love the most about florals is the ability to completely transform any area," said Kaitlin. "You can turn any place into a tropical paradise - or a moody, abandoned forest - even a wild meadow.

Elevating a space isn't just about aesthetics, though. For Katelin, flowers also contribute to how the room feels. "Florals bring happiness and emotion to any event - Whether it's a small tea party for two, or an elaborate wedding for 500."

While her passion for flowers expands across all types and styles, Kaitlin reports that her absolute favorite is Bells of Ireland. "They're gorgeous, they're funky, they smell crisp and fresh - and they're longer lasting."


A close up of white hanging orchids for a luxury wedding flower look


"Just go with the flow," she advises her fellow floral designers. "If I've learned anything through the last few years, its to go with the flow! Product shortages and increased prices has really taken things for a loop - but through it all, I've learned how to react and readapt. If anything, my creativity has grown stronger and the confidence I have in myself as a designer has flourished tremendously." 

Kaitlin and her team at Avant Garden Amarillo currently serve clients in the Texas Panhandle, but they're willing to travel, and their flower magic has traveled all throughout Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, and even Colorado. If you're interested in their work, you can visit their website, or check out their Instagram and Facebook.

FiftyFlowers specializes in providing wholesale flowers fresh from the farms, right to the doorstep. Start shopping by color or flower type to get started! With free shipping on all orders, and award winning customer service, we're here to help you with all of your flower needs. Give us a follow on Instagram, Facebook, or Pinterest for more inspiration and updates.

Written by Leah Britt

All Photo Credits: Brit Nicole Photography

All Floral Design: Avant Garden Amarillo

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