Yearning Yellow Dried Flower Arrangements

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Add a little bit of cheer to your event with our Yearning Yellow Dried Flower Arrangements! Yellow flowers are said to carry joy and positive energy with them, making them the perfect flower to celebrate important events like weddings, graduations, and birthdays. These dried flowers, including yellow loofah, Caryota stems, and pampas grass, are a great way to embellish tables of all sorts including cocktail tables, banquet tables, and buffet tables! Place these cheerful yellow blooms on your welcome table next to the guest book, or next to table numbers to guide your guests to their dinner seats. These flowers are pre-arranged, making them easy to move around until everything about your event looks just right. Dried flowers are known to be long-lasting, meaning you can take these flowers home with you afterward to continue the celebration or can pass them along to your guests as a party favor. These dried yellow flowers will be the perfect addition to your event decor. 


FiftyFlowers exclusively ships fresh flowers with the fastest priority overnight service. If your desired date is unavailable, contact customer care - chat, call, or text us. We are here to help! When adding products to your cart, the calendar will display how many days before your event we recommended delivery. Because every flower is different, selecting the proper delivery date can be tricky. That's why our team of human experts will personally review each order to ensure you have chosen the appropriate dates for flower perfection. Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee includes this complimentary service.

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100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

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About the Yearning Yellow Dried Flower Arrangements

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  • Box diameter is 5.5in X 5.5in X 2.7in 
  • The box is a perfect centerpiece for your event tables with a mixture of the following dried flowers: pampas, yellow loofah sponge, yellow loofah half, caryota stems, straw palms, and moss. 
  • The Bouquet is handcrafted at our Ecuadorian design center where the flowers are grown and dried.  

Your dried boxes are hand crafted for your order. Upon arrival, please open the box, cut any straps, and enjoy the eye candy! 

  • Your dried flowers should be stored in a cool dry place, away from direct sunlight to prevent discoloration or fading. 
  • If your dried flower box becomes dusty, use a hair dryer on a low setting from a moderate distance or a pipe cleaner to gently remove the dust.