The Girl Next Door


Zach noticed Sarah when she moved in the apartment next to his. He definitely made attempts at her to notice him, little things like a hello or see her at the mailbox, so he would go get the mail.

Sarah noticed Zach on move in day, he was outside with his friend and future groomsman Alex. She remembers they definitely caught each other's eyes. She remembers taking her dog outside way more than normal, just to see if he was on his balcony. Pretty much lived outside.

The night they formally met, they were both doing laundry and ran into each other on the stairs. We started with small talk and it ended up lasting for hours. Until about 1am we were outside talking on the stairs up to their apartments. From then on they have been in each others lives. They fell in love on August 18, 2013 they became a couple, on January 1, 2018 they got engaged, and on August 18, 2018 they were married.

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