The flowers arrived early at 10:30 two days before my wedding as ordered. We put all the flowers in several buckets filled with medium temp water. I didn't have a huge fridge to store them in so they were kept in buckets in my basement, where it is a bit cooler than the rest of the house. The flowers were truly beautiful and there were soooooooooo many roses. I ordered too many roses I believe for what I needed and still had extras left over. The Hydrangeas were the perfect amount. I ordered a few too many daisies which were not my favorite flower because they didn't open in time for the wedding, and the Yarrow I could have used a bit more of. The flowers were really nice, just as though a florist had done them. I saved an incredible amount of money in my wedding budget because every florist I went to wanted 2500.00. I did buy my bouquet, boutonnieres and corsages from a florist, but I wish I would have just made my own because those all costs me 300.00, and I had ordered enough flowers from Fifty Flowers to make my own. I really recommend FiftyFlowers if you are doing your own wedding and want to save on costs. They answer any questions you have and they have excellent customer service!!!! I ordered and they delivered! If you have any questions they can definitely help they are experts on this stuff. I was skeptical at first because ordering anything online can be scary, but in the end I was extremely happy.

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