Nichole's Bridal Shower

So, this is my second bridal shower in the last 3 weeks. Two out of my three daughters are getting married 5 weeks apart! Yeah, I know crazy, but crazy good! Nichole's future mother-in-law, Donna, asked if she could do the bridal shower and I said "YES"!!!, but I offered to do the invites and the flowers.

My second adventure with Fifty Flowers went pretty much the same as the first. All the customer representatives were attentive and I was not disappointed with any of the emails, text messages, deliveries, and of course the flowers. I have to whole-heartedly thank my support system, my rock, Lou Ann, for going through this with me....again......she is the best friend a girl could ever have and she managed to stay up way past her bedtime until these were complete!!

The Peruvian Lilies came in first since they needed more time to fully open. I got a little nervous when they opened a day before I was ready to make the arrangements and all I could imagine was that they would drop like you see with store bought flowers, but these suckers were hardy. I found the stems a little difficult to work with since they are so tender and my hands bent or broke several blossoms while I was working with them. The next time I will put the main stems into water picks before and place these beauties close to the last piece while arranging.

I used berry strainers for the vessels and placed small plastic trays in the bottom of each along with sphere Oasis foam. I cut a flat place off the bottom of the foam so they wouldn't roll around.

The Vendela roses were PERFECT in so far as their color (Ivory with a hint of blush when opened) a They were so lovely, I plan on using these next week for Jocelyn's wedding. Nichole and I absolutely LOVED the fountain grasses . If you are looking for some type of rustic whimsy, I would very much recommend these. They ranged in color from white/green/gray/purple/dark red, so we were able to work those hues into the arrangement, and the cotinus gave the arrangement a perfect opposing dark compliment for the roses, lilies and hypericum.

All the ladies at the event RAVED about the arrangements and were hoping to win one of these in the lottery we held at the end of the shower. They were a real hit, and I can't wait for Nichole and Marc's wedding in November.....but first, her sister, Jocelyn and Warren tie the knot in 10 days.....Here we go agin, Fifty Flowers!!! THANK YOU!!!

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