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Sparkle This Season with Winter Jewel Tone Weddings

Julia Thompson 04 Oct 2022
Winter Jewel Tone Weddings featured image

They say diamonds are a girl's best friend. And if you're here reading this, the shiny new ring on your finger might agree... but why stop there? We love all things glittering and glamorous. You can add extra sparkle to your big day by incorporating jewel tones. Winter jewel-tone weddings will be on the rise this season. The ruby, emerald, amethyst, and citrine looks we've found for you will surely make the cold and snowy days brighter.

Winter Jewel Tone Weddings Ruby inspired weddings

Ruby Inspired Weddings

As a symbol of love, red is no stranger to wedding color palettes. Ruby red is a richer and bolder hue. Traditional weddings try to balance out this color with creamy whites and soft pinks. The jewel tone trend calls for more red. Don't be afraid to add it everywhere; the more opulent, the better. This color pairs beautifully with vibrant greenery.

Winter Jewel Tone Weddings Bold Jewel Tones Combined 

Bold Jewel Pairings

One of the biggest emerging trends is the pairing of bold colors together. Put these trends together in a winter jewel tone wedding this year. Leave the fear at the door and let your imagination run wild. Love rose quartz, sapphires, and amethysts? You go girl! It's all about balance. Pick and choose your "wow" moments with care. Sprinkle in neutral tones and understated details to truly let the eye-catching colors shine. 

Winter Jewel Tone Weddings Amethyst and Citrine Inspired Wedding

Amethyst and Citrine Inspired Wedding

Truly an out-of-the-ordinary wedding pairing, amethyst and citrine are a match made in heaven. This unique palette is perfect for quirky or eccentric couples, exciting venues, or a bride with a whimsical wedding dream. Rich purple and bold orange are the opposites that attract your attention. Include multiple flowers of the same color to nail this style.

Whether you love sapphires or emeralds, jewel tone weddings ooze decadence and class. Be bold and confident and let your personality shine. You're worth more than all the precious jewels and your big day deserves to show it. Shimmer everywhere you go!

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