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4 Wild & Whimsical Flowers and Greens

Lisa Waddington 23 Jun 2022
4 Wild & Whimsical Flowers and Greens featured image

Trending now! Untamed and adventurous style are all the rage when it comes to wedding floral design. If you like the wild and whimsical look for your wedding flowers use these 4 fun (and unexpected) flowers and greens we've curated.

Our favorite picks for an unexpected flair in your bouquet or centerpieces are the Astilbe, soft and feathery, Purple Astrantia, spiky and firework-shaped, Assorted Air Plants, the new succulents and so much fun, or Bupleurum Greenery, the wild filler with teeny-tiny yellow blooms! Read on for more photos and detail about each of these stand-out blooms:


Purple Bulk Astrantia

Have you ever seen this unique bloom? Most people have not and that's why Astrantia is our number one favorite wild and whimsical bloom! The spray blooms of Astrantia have traditional petals that encircle a cluster of florets to make the eye of the bloom. This unusual, but stunning, spray flower works perfectly to achieve that extra Grrrr in your wild bouquet. Astrantia comes in range of pinky purple hues and ivory and adds vivid texture to your wild wedding decor.

Purple Bulk Astrantia


Assorted Astilbe Flower

Also known as False Goat’s Beard, Astilbe lends a nod to the animal of your wildside. Astilbe comes in a range of colors and adds beautiful feather texture to your arrangements. This whimsical farm pick blend is composed of the best selection available at the time of your event! Use as a filler flower for your wildflower-inspired bouquet or boutonnieres.

Assorted Astilbe Flower


Bupleurum Flowering Greenery

Natural and affordable to achieve the wild look, Bupleurum is a thick and vivid filler greenery, marked by its small clusters of oval-shaped leaves with spike-like tips and small, sunny-yellow flowers that smile back at you. Use it as a focal, filler or line flower to design your DIY wild and whimsical event!

Bupleurum Flowering Greenery


Bulk Assorted Air Plants

The fancy name for air plants is Tillandsia, an eco-friendly and low-maintenance alternative to flowers. Simply place Air Plants in terrariums, apothecary jars, or other vases for modern table centerpieces. Use these drought resistant plants in boutonnieres or as added texture in bouquets! Get creative by mounting air plants to create your own vertical garden wall, ceremony backdrop or entryway display.

Bulk Assorted Air Plants for DIY Arranging 

Need more DIY Inspiration for the Wild and Whimsical Trend?! Check out what these FiftyFlowers DIY Brides have done...

Wild and Whimsical Flower Inspiration Wild and Whimsical Flower Inspiration

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