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12 Ideas to Master Winter Wedding Wreaths and Garlands

Julia Thompson 03 Oct 2022
Master Winter Wedding Wreaths and Garlands featured image

'Tis the season of gorgeous garlands and wonderful wreaths! Even though we use both of these pieces year-round, we definitely see a greater interest around the Holidays. So, we're sharing some of the best ways to use wreaths and garlands in winter weddings. 

Let's start with some fun ways to use wreaths.

Place a wreath (or a few) in the center of your table for a chic centerpiece. Finish by placing a candle in the center to add romantic lighting. Add similar greenery elements around your space to create a cohesive look. This simple yet stunning design is helpful in a pinch or for a minimalist moment. 

Master Winter Wedding Wreaths and Garlands wreath and candle centerpiece

This wreath design is similar to the picture above but more festive. The colored candles and berries bring a lovely pop of color. The added pinecones are perfect for winter. Customize this look more with ribbon, ornaments, or other theme-specific elements. 

Use wreaths to dress up Bride and Groom Chairs. Spruce up the look with whatever focal flowers and ribbons fit your style and theme. 

Master Winter Wedding Wreaths and Garlands Wreath Hanging with unique fixture
If you want to use wreaths more traditionally, liven up the look with an interesting hanger. Regular wreath hooks blend into the background. Antlers, like the picture above, bring unique flair. Paying attention to the little details will elevate your event to the next level and create memorable moments for everyone attending.  

This is one of our Rosemary Wreaths used for a seating chart. Perfect for a rustic wedding or a holiday dinner party, use a wreath or two to 'pin' your seating assignments in place.

Master Winter Wedding Wreaths and Garlands Cake and Plate wreath design
This wreath design technique is quite versatile. Use a wreath as a centerpiece and plate for holiday events and dinner parties. This is especially useful if table space isn't your friend. This design would also pair beautifully with a wedding cake. 

Master Winter Wedding Wreaths and Garlands dried wreath

Dried florals have taken the wedding world by storm. This creative design is a playful and festive take on the trend. Keep it neutral, or match it to your color palette. If you choose this hoop design, a ribbon bow on top would be a lovely addition.   

Master Winter Wedding Wreaths and Garlands full hanging garland on a fireplace

Now that you've mastered all things wreaths, let's check out some great uses for garlands... 

Master Winter Wedding Wreaths and Garlands festive table runner garland with other festive decor
Use garland to create a fresh and lush table runner. Match it to other decor and fill the space for an opulent tablescape.  
Master Winter Wedding Wreaths and Garlands festive table evergreen garland

Fold the garland together to make a dramatic centerpiece instead of a table runner.  

Master Winter Wedding Wreaths and Garlands simple garland with added focal flowers

Layer on extra greenery to customize the strands. Place focal flowers throughout the garland for extra pops of color and diverse texture. Or place bud vases on either side of the garland.  

Master Winter Wedding Wreaths and Garlands

Use multiple strands of garland to create a full indoor arch. Like the last picture, add more flowers to match the rest of the florals and create a dynamic look. 

 Master Winter Wedding Wreaths and Garlands lots of garland and candles

Drape garland over all the surfaces. Lots of candles and delicate details create an intimate and romantic setting oozing with class. Going all out on the tables draws the eyes and allows the rest of the space to have less decor.   

Master Winter Wedding Wreaths and Garlands wreath and garland together

When placed together, wreaths and garlands are quite the iconic duo. Of course, on a mantel or above a fireplace is the classic display, but freshly using the pair can still harness the nostalgia while adding intrigue and memorability. 

In addition to these fun uses, remember the obvious! Hang wreaths on the door to your home, ceremony, or reception entrance. Wrap garlands down banisters or hang them for a fresh ceremony backdrop. The options are endless!

How would you use your wreaths and garlands? Show us! And remember to tag @fiftyflowers. Happy Holidays!

Originally written by Marina Strong

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