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Black and White Flowers for Weddings

Cham Tanteras 26 May 2022
Black and White Flowers for Weddings

For many years, white flowers have served as a wedding staple - representing pure love and romance. Color is making a comeback in 2022, but does that mean white weddings are a thing of the past? Our answer is simple: Of course not! Today, black and white color palettes are popular for those who want a modern and elegant feel. Although white flowers are versatile, chic, and simple, they can still make quite a statement. If a minimalist black and white theme is what you're looking for on your big day, you won't want to miss the flower arrangements from this FiftyFlowers styled shoot designed by Ira and Lucy. These blooms are a great example of how white flowers can be timeless and trendy at the same time!

This styled wedding at the Scandia Inn combined delicate greenery, a unique selection of white blooms, and pops of black contrast, to create stunning displays. Here are three black and white flower arrangements, from this gorgeous photoshoot, that you can recreate on your own:

A Sleek Black & White Flower Bouquet

Breakdown of white wedding bouquet with anemones and ranunculusThis monochromatic bridal bouquet features black and white flowers, named anemones, that pop out against a backdrop of pure white. The dark centers of these beautiful blooms create contrast and naturally draw the eye, making them the stars of the show! Swirling petals of white lisianthus also bring the arrangement to life. Meanwhile, scabiosa, ranunculus, astrantia, and ferns complete the look. Tied together with a black-silk ribbon, this white bouquet is a dream come true for the modern and simplistic bride.

To recreate this look, here is what you'll need:

Focal Flowers

Your Filler Flowers and Greenery

A Simple & Carefree Flower Centerpiece

White flower centerpiece with ferns and white rosesTo complement the black and white bridal bouquet, this carefree centerpiece features many of the same white flowers listed above. The way this arrangement is styled gives it height, movement, and a whimsical feel. To recreate the look of this centerpiece, you'll also want to add some snow white roses and a few branches of foliage to the mix.

The key to this arrangement is placing your focal flowers (like anemones and lisianthus) around the base of your vessel. Work your way up by adding more white flowers, and then by strategically placing Spengeri ferns, foliage branches, and tall stems of scabiosa so they seem to reach towards the sky. Asymmetrical, carefree centerpieces like this one are a growing trend for 2022 weddings. Styling your white flowers to communicate movement and personality will add a modern twist to a classic color scheme.

A Sweet & Dainty Boutonniere

How to make a simple white DIY boutonniere

This groom's boutonniere ties in the dainty details of the bridal bouquet, creating a cohesive look between the couple's wedding-day looks. Using the Sprengeri fern from the previous two arrangements, and delicate buds and blooms from white lilac flowers, your DIY boutonniere will have a simple and understated feel to it.

Creating a white flower arrangement for the groom, groomsmen, and other important men of the day to wear will give their attire some floral flare. Check out this tutorial on How to Make a DIY Boutonniere for a detailed, step-by-step guide on how to take your wholesale flowers and some ribbon, and turn them into something beautiful like a fern and lilac boutonniere.

Popular White Flowers for Weddings

So what are the most popular types of white flowers? There are countless options to choose from! Aside from the flowers included in this styled shoot, here are some of our other favorite blooms for white wedding themes:

Take into consideration the overall style of your big day as you pick out which fresh flowers you'll use. For example, white orchids and calla lilies are great for a sleek style, meanwhile, baby's breath and daisies have a more rustic feel.


Simple black and white wedding inspiration with white flowers

More Tips and Tricks for your DIY Flowers

Once you've got your inspiration, all you have to do is order flowers online and get ready to DIY flowers from the comfort of your home. Ordering wholesale flowers online is a convenient and affordable way to get your wedding blooms. We also offer a variety of DIY combo packs that come with the perfect combination of flowers for your big day. If you want to recreate the above arrangements and host the black and white wedding of your dream, you'll find these step-by-step tutorials helpful:

Are these black and white flower arrangements not quite your style? Check out these other bouquet breakdowns to find the colors and flowers that are right for you:

At FiftyFlowers, you can shop wholesale flowers by color, or find real wedding inspiration and flower recipes on our Make this Look page. We're here to help you through every step of your DIY process - from ordering your flowers to caring for them to turning them into stunning arrangements! Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest for more tips and inspiration.

Black and white wedding tablescape with fresh flowersCREDITS:

Creative Director and Decor: Ira and Lucy

Tabletop Rentals: A Fine Fete

Chair Rentals: Blush Creek Speciality Rentals

Linen Rentals: La Tavola Fine Linen

Photography: Danica Shea Photo

Videography: Jones Co Creative

Floral Supplier: FiftyFlowers

Floral Designer: Just So. Event Floral

Publication: Rocky Mountain Bride

Venue: Scandia Inn


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Originally written by: Leah Britt

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