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How to Make Your Valentine's Day Flowers Last

liza roeser 30 May 2023
red valentines day bouquet with garden rose

Just like love and relationships need TLC to thrive and last, so do your Valentine’s Day flowers!

Keep your flowers fresh, fragrant, and living longer with these tips and tricks!

Order from a reputable source

When you order from a source who cares about their flowers and their treatment, your flowers have a better chance at a long, healthy life.  You want to be sure of your source conditions for flowers before they even get to you.

If you order from a source who ships straight from farm to your door, this means that there is no “middle man” so your flowers are as fresh as can be.

Start with a clean vase…

Before putting flowers into the vase, it is important to wash it with soap and about a cap full of bleach. Rinse thoroughly with hot water to be sure the vase is sparkly clean and free from any dust or debris from previous flowers.

….And find the right spot

Display your flowers in an area that will garner them the adoration and attention they deserve—but be wary of direct sunlight or heat sources.  A cool, shaded area will leave your flowers living longer.

Trim the stems and replace the water

before and after purple bouquet

When it comes to the longevity of your flowers, re-trimming the stems and replacing the water is key. We recommend a 1-2 inches trim once or twice a week—always remembering to cut the stems at a diagonal instead, which gives the flowers more room to absorb water.

Clean water will prevent bacteria from growing, so if you notice the water looks cloudy or greenish, then it’s time to replace the water.  

Bill LaFever, President of flower industry giant Bill Doran Company adds: “Change the water before you think it's dirty and cut just a little bit of the stem to get rid of the bacteria on the bottom of the stem where the water uptake occurs – you can’t see the damaging bacteria that is clogging the bottom of the stems until it is too late.”

removing greenery from bouquet

Make sure the greenery doesn’t fall below the waterline. Leaving the leaves in the water as they deteriorate can cause bacteria to form in the water.

Feed them well

When you refresh your flowers, you can always add a fresh packet of flower food. Flower food helps maintain the PH of the water and will also help prevent bacteria from growing. The ingredients of flower food also help give the flowers nutrients to keep them growing and lasting longer.

Refresh your flowers

removing guard petal

Dying or decaying flowers produce an ethylene gas that is harmful to other living flowers so make sure you pull out those stems. You can trim off any dried foliage as well. When removing the dead stems, this is another opportunity to have fun and rearrange your flowers.

Take a picture—it lasts longer

And don’t forget to memorialize your flowers in a photo--share with your friends and family on social media--and the flowers will last even longer!

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