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Master the Art of Drying Flowers

Julia Thompson 04 Oct 2022
Master the Art of Drying Flowers featured image

Flowers brighten homes and complete special events. They bring joy and beauty to our lives. Sadly, these fleeting darlings don't last forever. But we've found a way to extend the life of flowers and greenery. Drying flowers is the best way to preserve them. It's not a new concept, but it's also not a one size fits all method. Finding the dos and don'ts of properly drying flowers takes trial and error, but anyone can succeed at drying flowers with our advice.


Master the Art of Drying Flowers starting bouquet


Step 1: Let your flowers fully bloom, especially roses. The flower will be ready to dry when you grasp the entire flower, and it feels like a marshmallow. Unfortunately, if the petals have begun to shed, they are too far gone to start the drying process. When choosing your flowers, remember certain types, like scabiosa, lilies, and hydrangeas, will not retain their original beauty when dried. More delicate flowers shrivel into something less appealing than a dried rose, carnation, or eucalyptus

The flowers above appear damaged and old, with brown around the edges. This occurred while waiting for them to open up completely. But once dried, it's unnoticeable.


Master the Art of Drying Flowers hanging flowers


Step 2: Bunch the stems with a rubber band and hang them upside down. This assures that the blooms won't try to open anymore and shed petals. Keep the flowers away from surfaces for full, round, dried flowers instead of flat edges.


Master the Art of Drying Flowers dried roses


Step 3: Give them a month to dry out completely. One of our DIY brides shared the tip for drying flowers quickly in a microwave. 

Step 4: Coat your flowers in hairspray to prevent petal shedding. 

Now they're ready to arrange! Keep all dried flowers for a fall or rustic wedding. Mix dried and fresh together for a bohemian style.


Master the Art of Drying Flowers dried flowers in frame


Learning about drying flowers is a gratifying, economical, and environmentally friendly way to breathe a second life into your flowers and greenery. We loved reading about Kayla’s dreamy DIY minimony at an Airbnb. She learned about drying flowers, and the results were gorgeous. Read more about Kayla's wedding using FiftyFlowers!


Master the Art of Drying Flowers dried arrangements


We look forward to seeing your own drying flower experiments, so be sure to tag @FiftyFlowers on Instagram for us to enjoy and share with our community!

Originally written by Mariah Hebbeln


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