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Summer Blush DIY Wedding Bouquet

Kelly Stevens-Meister 10 Jun 2022
Summer Blush DIY Wedding Bouquet

As the seasons change, so do our wedding floral arrangements. Warmer months call for lighter, softer colors, like shades of peachy-pink, sage and lavender. If you're planning a summer DIY wedding, we've got just the bouquet tutorial for you!

This simple step-by-step guide will show you how to create a beautiful blush colored Summer wedding bouquet using fresh flowers like: Pink Garden Spray Roses, Blue Thistle Flower (hint, it's not blue it's lavender) and Dusty Miller Greens. 

After you have ordered your gorgeous blooms from a reputable floral wholesaler like, gather your supplies and read on for the step by step tutorial on how to make this simple DIY Summer Blush Wedding Bouquet. 

To make this simple DIY Summer Wedding Bouquet you will need:

  • Spray Roses, 5-6 stems
  • Blue Thistle Flower, 2 stems
  • Dusty Miller Greens, 1 bunch
  • Floral tape
  • Floral wire
  • Floral Shears
  • Wired ribbon for bouquet handle


    Classic Pink Spray Garden Roses
    Light pink blooms with enchanting peach undertones. Spray Roses are miniature standard roses that have multiple small blooms per stem. Petite and beautiful, with an easy level of care, the stems have thorns that will need to be stripped.

    Blue Thistle Flower
    A distinctive, spiny, snowflake-shaped bloom with a cone center, this lends a natural, "just picked from the meadow" aesthetic to any lavender hued Summer Wedding Bouquet. 

    Dusty Miller Greens
    Velvety, fine-textured foliage with a soft green and white color. Level of Flower Care:  Medium - the stems are shorter and may need to be wired into floral picks for ease of arranging. 



     Step 1: Prepare

    • Hydrate the flower stems for at least 12 hours in 4 inches of cool water mixed with flower food.
    • Prepare the Spray Roses by stripping away the thorns and lower leaves from the stems. We recommend wearing gloves.
    • Prepare the Thistle buy removing any sprays that are lower on the stem.
    • If the Dusty Miller stems are on the shorter side, use floral wire to create floral picks. We did not wire the Dusty Miller for this project.

    Step 2: Making the Bouquet

    • Hold the two stems of Thistle in one hand and adjust the stems until you form a base for the bouquet.
    • One at a time, insert the stems of Spray Roses into and around the Thistle to fill in all the gaps.
    • Then add the stems of Dusty Miller, one at a time, inserting them around the collar of the bouquet and in the center to fill up any holes.
    • Secure the stems together with floral tape or wire.

    Step 3: Finishing Touches

    • Wrap a piece of wired ribbon around the handle and secure with a square knot.
    • Trim the stems to a variety of lengths to maintain a freshly picked look.


    Your gorgeous, super simple, DIY Summer Blush Wedding Bouquet. 


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