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Black and White DIY Wedding Bouquet

Kelly Stevens-Meister 31 May 2022
Black and white wedding bouquet with baby's breath.

Timeless. Traditional. Elegant. 

If telling the story of who you are as a bride requires a bold statement, then this DIY black and white wedding bouquet rises to the occasion. 

Maybe it's not your first wedding day or maybe you are envisioning a wedding bouquet that is more confident than precious. Either way, the DIY Black and White Wedding Bouquet delivers up sophistication on a budget. 

You CAN create the wedding bouquet of your dreams, with our simple DIY guide. All you have to do is start with farm fresh flowers from a reputable flower wholesaler like and then follow our step by step tutorial below.

Trust us, you've got this. 


Materials Needed: 

Baby’s Breath, 1 bunch

Blackish Purple Carnations,  25 stems    

White Peruvian Lilies, 4-6 stems  


 - Floral wire and/or rubber bands

 - Wire Cutters

 - Floral Shears

 - Floral Tape

 - Ribbon 

How to Make: 

Step 1: Prepare the Flowers

  • Strip away any lower leaves or stems from the carnations, lilies and baby’s breath and set aside.

Step 2: Form the Bouquet

  • Place the carnations together, one at a time, to form the round shape that is the center of the bouquet.
  • Once you have a nice round shape loosen your grip and insert a stem of Peruvian lily in the center. Continue to insert stems of Peruvian Lily around the carnation ball to create a contrasting pattern. 
  • When you are happy with the color combination, reshape the bouquet in to a round center and secure the stems with floral wire or tape.
  • Using one stem of baby’s breath at a time, form a collar around the bouquet center, creating an even border all the way around.
  • When you are happy with the look, secure the handle by wrapping all stems together with floral wire or a rubber band. 

Step 3: Wrapping the bouquet handle

  • Use floral shears to cut all flower stems to the same length.
  • Use a long piece of ribbon to wrap the bouquet handle from the bottom all the way up to cover the wire.
  • Before you begin wrapping, drape a long tail of ribbon down the handle so that the cut end is draping over the flowers. This will become a tie to secure the other end of the ribbon after the handle is wrapped.
  • Then starting at the base of the handle, wrap the ribbon around the handle, going over the “tail”, as you work your way up to the top of the handle.
  • To secure the ribbon, tie the original tail and the other end from wrapping up the handle into a knot or two.
Simple DIY black and white bouquet.

This traditional and timeless color combo can help you create a wedding day that is as confident and sophisticated as you are. 

Photo Credit:  RDV Photo 

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