We Did it All Ourselves

We did everything ourselves, we utilized our time, talents, and money to make the day as DIY, inexpensive, and personal as possible without creating too much chaos or stress. We were lucky to have friends and family that were eager to help. Our sisters made all the bouquets and boutonnieres, my fiance made the place cards and signs, I arraigned centerpieces and decorated, and my fiance and I (with the help of our amazing Chef Best man, Colin Kelly) made all the food ourselves, in the week before the big day. With the help of our musician friends we had access to a full sound system and spent an entire weekend cultivating a dance-tastic mix of songs that would keep everyone dancing all night, and boy, did it work! We were so lucky to have a group of friends and family all willing to share their gifts and time with us to make our day so incredibly special.

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