The Most Beautiful Outdoor Wedding with a Twist

My wedding was a complete outdoor wedding with a beautiful lake, iris gardens, and trees all around. The theme was cherry blossoms since I, the bride, always loved how cherry blossom petals cascade down making the scenery look like a dreamlike state. Unfortunately, cherry blossoms were not in season in May but nevertheless, that won't stop a bride like me. For the cascading affect, we used bubbles so after we got married, people will blow bubbles at us recreating the dreamlike state (see pic) as we walk back during the recession. As for the theme, we had cherry blossom wedding favors (cherry blossom chopsticks and favor boxes) in addition to the cherry blossom themed menu/program. The wedding colors were pink, fuchsia, and white (from the flowers to the table linens) to mimic the colors of cherry blossoms then we decorated the stairs with artificial cherry blossoms. We bought pink garden roses, white freesia flowers, and pink, fuchsia, white roses and rose petals. The flowers were almost luminous because it was so brightly colored and in full bloom that it just popped if your gaze is in the direction of the flowers. The wedding was beautifully decorated and the flowers just made it even better with the fragrance wafting throughout the wedding venue.
Like many weddings, there were so many things to worry about before and during the wedding. Like for example, when we first booked our wedding venue, we were worried of the weather but we were reassured by the people who owned the wedding venue that it will not rain as we all know "April showers brings May flowers." Nevertheless, I was a complete wreck because weeks before the wedding, the weather forecast mentioned a small chance of rain but on the week of the wedding, the weather forecast was clear with no clouds whatsoever. Nevertheless, whatever worries anyone may have had before or during the wedding, we always remembered that although we wanted our day to be perfect, the most important thing to remember is that the main point of the wedding is to "join together as one as husband and wife and the fact that this was our first step for the rest of our lives together as we watch and care for each other as we grow old (and funky)." At the day of the wedding, there were some small fires to put out like the people who were supposed to set-up was late on setting up and we, the bridal party and some very helpful and awesome family members, went to work setting up the wedding. Then our wedding coordinator, a family member, who had the wedding processional order list and schedule disappeared on us just right before we were to walk down the aisle. We had to make do with our memory of the processional order; you would think that the wedding party would know who was before and after them...I guess we didn't practice enough the day before. All in all, we got married and what a relief that was because before I even walked down the aisle, I swear my whole body was shaking from nervousness of marrying my husband (although I was fully ready for marrying him but making it into an event with all the attention on you as you walk down the aisle makes me a lot nervous --mind you, I had to walk down a staircase to descend upon. It was a bit since people kept mentioning to not trip and fall down the staircase, although, I was fully ready to laugh if I did trip and fall so as to not make a big deal off the accident). All in all, the wedding ceremony was very beautiful and everyone complimented us on it. You may wonder, why I'm only talking about the wedding ceremony, well, that's the twist, twenty minutes after the wedding ceremony just right after a couple of pictures with a few tables, before the introduction of the bridal party of the wedding guests (note: people stopped us walking back to the party so we ended up taking some table pictures before we did the wedding introduction), with no indication of clouds whatsoever, it started raining, first it was just sprinkling then a minute later, heavy rain, then three minutes later, quarter-sized hail started coming down on us. It was a funny little scene, where all of a sudden, you see wedding guests sitting at the tables shrugging off the rain (thinking it will pass) but when it started raining heavily and hailing even, it was as if Godzilla was about to start attacking all of us. There was one small shed in the whole entire wedding venue that can probably fit 20 people at best but when people are desperate and determined, I think that shed was able to fit 40 people or so. As for me, when it started raining hard, I made a ran for the restrooms seeing how filled up the shed was and while I was running, it felt like someone was hitting me, for a moment I thought, "who the heck is hitting the bride???"  and when I turned around it was the quarter-sized hail hitting me. To my surprise, my husband was right behind me and not even knowing it, he was holding my wedding train as I ran. I was wondering why it felt so light when I ran; what a great husband he is. All in all, our wedding started very prettily like a dream with bubbles being blown around on us as we walked then weather disaster strikes with storm-like rain fall and quarter-sized hail. There was a picture someone took with their phone and it looked like it was snowing. The clincher: there is one more thing our wedding is famous for and that is the "chocolate waterfall."  You may wonder, huh??? Well, you know that staircase in which I descended upon when I walked down the aisle, with the heavy rain and mix it with a little mud makes the water gushing down the stairs look like chocolate hence the "chocolate waterfalls."  Those were some memorable moments and I have pictures to share. Although, I didn't get the perfect wedding, people will surely remember the prettiest outdoor wedding that turned disaster, hmm, chocolate waterfall, anyone. Lmao.

It was truly memorable but what can you do. We had our photographer take a picture of us in our happy and sad face while it rained in the background.

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