Test Run for Wedding Flowers

I ordered these flowers for Thanksgiving Party Centerpieces. The flowers were gorgeous and my guests and my family were quite impressed! They opened exactly when FiftyFlowers said they would. They even called me to let me know that delivering them a day earlier than what I had chosen was recommended. I took them up on that offer, and I am pleased I did! The flowers were great! The photos I'm uploading are how they looked when they arrived! Already brightly colored and beautiful. A few days later when the lilies opened up, it was incredible! I highly recommend FiftyFlowers to anyone. I will be using them for my wedding. We considered this a test run on quality to decide if ordering online would be a good option for us. We won't be using this particular bouquet, but we were more curious about the brand that is FiftyFlowers and we were blown away. High quality flowers for a very affordable price.

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