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Shop FiftyFlowers today for Splash of Color Centerpiece. This unique arrangement includes bright reds, oranges, yellow and purple to add a splash of color at your next event. Fresh from our farm to your doorstep. Shipping included. Vases not included. This products is available in the USA only. 



FiftyFlowers exclusively ships fresh flowers with the fastest priority overnight service. If your desired date is unavailable, contact customer care - chat, call, or text us. We are here to help! When adding products to your cart, the calendar will display how many days before your event we recommended delivery. Because every flower is different, selecting the proper delivery date can be tricky. That's why our team of human experts will personally review each order to ensure you have chosen the appropriate dates for flower perfection. Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee includes this complimentary service.

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100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

FiftyFlowers is proud to take full responsibility for the quality of your properly cared-for flower shipment. Please read our Full Guarantee for more information.

About the Splash of Color Centerpiece

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Recommended delivery dates: 3 days before event. If your event is Saturday, the suggested delivery day is Wednesday.

  • Availability: Year-Round
  • Average Height: 20 inches

Our centerpieces are easy to use; each bouquet is pre-arranged & requires little to no special design skills; Literally all you have to do is cut the ends of the flowers and put them in your vases. That's it! Vases not included in base price but can be added on above for an additional cost.

Each centerpiece will feature a harmonious hand-crafted bouquet with hot pink rose, green hydrangea, hot pink gerbera, hot pink carnation, red hypericum berries, yellow spray rose, hot pink alstroemeria, hot pink stock, green bells of Ireland, green cocculus, and green leather leaf.

  • Small centerpiece recipe will have 8 total flower stems - pictured in the vase on the left.
  • Medium centerpieces recipe will have of 17 total flower stems - pictured in the vase on the right.
  • Large centerpieces recipe will have 33 total flower stems - pictured in the hand and apron above.

The expected vase life is a minimum of 5 days.


Discover our collection of bulk vases, thoughtfully designed in small, medium, and large sizes to effortlessly complement your centerpiece size. These vases are professional floral vases made to last. Whether you're looking for rustic, elegant, classic or modern themed event decor, we have curated a vase collection to match your look and style.

  • White Ceramic Flower Vase: This is a part of the holly chapple vases which is a couture and elegant design, available in small and medium sizes. We suggest coupling with professional flower pillow for seamless styling.
  • Dot Glass Flower Vase: This exquisite crystal vase features raised dots and is meticulously crafted using the finest grade of glass. Available in medium and large sizes.
  • Square Glass Flower Vase: Craft from premium quality glass, this piece boasts a sleek and elegant design. Available in small, medium, and large sizes.
  • Diamond Cut Flower Vase: Features intricate engravings on high-quality glass, adding an elevated touch. Choose from two size options: small and medium/large.
  • Bubble Vase: A classic bubble vase in the sizes small and medium crafted with high quality glass for a versatile and timeless design.

In order to prevent any breakage, we are unable to customize vase packs.


  • Just a quick note, the exact color tones of our flowers may vary from what you see on your screen. This is because flowers are a product of Mother Nature, and monitor resolutions can vary. Rest assured, however, the flowers you receive will be beautiful and fresh!
  • Our flower package contents and prices are based on availability and are subject to change due to weather and market conditions. We do our best to keep our prices as low as possible, but we may have to adjust occasionally.

Your flowers may arrive looking a little thirsty and sleepy. This is totally normal! They've been traveling a long way to get to you. Just follow the instructions on the flower care tab instructions on our website, and they'll perk right up in no time.

In rare circumstances, we may need to substitute a flower in your order if the requested flowers are unavailable. We will do our best to find similar flowers in color, value, and style. We will always try to reach you for confirmation; However, in some cases, we may need to ship your order without confirmation. If this happens, we will only substitute flowers of equal or higher value.

Before shipping your flowers, we prepare them for their journey with proper hydration methods. If your flowers appear sleepy and thirsty after their journey it is absolutely NORMAL. Follow these simple steps to ensure your flowers have the proper care.

  1. When your boxes arrive, it is important to get your flowers in water as quickly as possible. Open your boxes and remove any protective packaging, such as foam or paper. 
  2. Inspect your flowers.*
  3. Gather clean vases or containers for your bouquets. Ensure your vases or containers are very clean. We recommend rinsing them with warm water.
  4. Fill the vases with at least 4 inches of fresh, cool water. If flower food is available, follow the package directions for adding it to the water. 
  5. Your flowers may or may not arrive with water tubes or sponges attached to the bouquet for hydration. If they do, gently remove them. Remove any plastic sleeves protecting the flowers. 
  6. Holding the flowers tightly, using sharp flower shears or scissors, cut stems diagonally, under cool, running water. Cut about an inch off of each stem. 
  7. Once stems are cut you can choose to remove any rubber bands or leave them on as they may help the bouquet hold its shape. 
  8. Place flowers in the prepared vases or containers.
  9. Allow flowers at least 4 hours to hydrate, flowers may take up to 12 hours to properly hydrate. Periodically check the water levels. Flowers drink a lot of water when they first arrive and the water may need to be refilled. 
  10. Keep flowers away from direct sunlight, drafts or extreme temperatures. Flowers should be stored in a cool dark area, until ready to use. 
  11. Change water every 24 hours to keep flowers fresh. 

*If upon first inspection, you foresee a problem with your flowers, do not proceed processing your order. Leave the flowers intact in the box and call us immediately at 1-877-50 ROSES (507-6737)

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
5 Stars

These arrangements were PERFECT for our wedding. I ordered 6 large and 24 small arrangements. They arrived so vibrant and healthy, just as promised. We kept the flowers in buckets until Friday afternoon. The only thing, the lilies hadn't opened up yet, but that was ok!

5 Stars

These flowers are absolutely stunning!!! Extremely colorful and vibrant.

Joyce C.
A Reception to Remember

My son and his now wife had a Rustic, BoHo style outdoor reception and I got to make the arrangements thanks to the beautiful flowers from FiftyFlowers.com! All of the flowers arrived on time, were FRESH & elegant! I made the Bridal Bouquet, 3 Bridesmaids Bouquets, 4 Hair-Wreaths for the Bride and Bridesmaids, and about 12 Centerpieces in mason jars. The reception was a success -- It was beautiful! We end the evening releasing Sky-Lanterns into the night sky! GORGEOUS!

Lindsay C.
Don't worry! Trust FiftyFlowers!

I was a little leery ordering my reception centerpieces from a website, but I took the risk, and I am so happy that I did! The flowers were beautiful, healthy and in great shape. They arrived on time and the customer services reps made sure to communicate with me throughout the whole process. The flowers were such a hit at the reception! People asked "who" did my flowers and were shocked when I told them I ordered them wholesale. A couple of girls in my bridal party are newly engaged and hope to use FiftyFlowers in the future. I know it's scary to trust a website with your flowers, but if your experience is as good as mine, you will not be let down! Good luck!

Donna A.
Beautiful Flowers

I ordered roses and splash of color centerpieces for my daughters fall wedding. The flowers came just as promised and they were amazing. We made all our own table centerpieces, bouquets and boutonnieres. The roses for the bouquets were gorgeous. I had never ordered flowers on line before and was very nervous about what I was going to receive. When I opened the boxes, they were beautiful. We had to pull very few petals from the roses. The color of the yellow roses was the most beautiful golden yellow I have ever seen. Thanks Fifty Flowers for helping make my daughter's wedding day very beautiful.

D. Adams