Shop for Wholesale Roses for a DIY flower project, discover the ideal rose for your wedding, event, or everyday occasion at FiftyFlowers! Fresh roses fill a room with color, fragrance, and beauty. The quintessential special flower, roses are actually perfect for any occasion. Available in hundreds of varieties, come in a plethera of color palettes, and arrangements. To help narrow your search, to the left you can filter between Standard Roses, Garden Roses, and other variations of roses. You can also pare down your search by rose color: red roseswhite roses, yellow roses, and more. Find your perfect wholesale roses today!

Berry Lace Wedding Garden Rose

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Wholesale Roses - the best flowers for your event

FiftyFlowers is the leading brand in wedding flowers, bulk flowers, and our best-selling wholesale roses. Available in hundreds of varieties with a rich endless color palette, our wholesale roses are available season round for any and every occasion. For gifting, celebrating, and just for you, choose from our diverse bulk rose collection that starts but doesn’t end with spray roses, standard roses, garden roses, and even preserved roses, all available in bulk for arrangements and centerpieces

All you need to know about roses

The quintessential bulk roses have a lovely fragrant aroma and beauty made with love from our flower farms, for love in all your flower need events. Roses are a staple in every floral arrangement and are easily a best seller year round. Our rose collection consists of a variety of types of roses and a variety of colors and tones for your DIYing dreams in weddings, baby showers, and events. Rose colors are popular and can be used based on the colors they symbolize. Scroll down this article for more detail on these important rose colors. Pair our roses with our best-selling greenery and baby's breath to create classic elegant flower arrangements. If you want more information on roses and what they symbolize to best utilize them, check out our popular blog post for a detailed description on all things rose colors. Our blog posts are written weekly on all the flowers on our website.

Types of roses

Under our rose collection are a huge assortment of roses wholesale bulk that we offer with a variety of colors and each soft to the touch textures. Learn more about each of our roses to help find the perfect one for your event:

  • Garden roses have more of a fluffy texture than the other roses and has a stronger sweet aroma.
  • Spray roses have smaller, more petite bubs than regular roses. Each stem features multiple buds, this rose is a perfect filler and focal flower in centerpieces.
  • Sweetheart roses also have petite bubs, but are most similar to standard roses. Based on the smaller size bubs they give off a more delicate look than standard and garden roses. These roses are the preferences in boutonnieres or corsages as well.
  • Standard Roses are the classic full roses, this is one of our best sellers and features some of our most popular colors.
  • Roses Peony has a unique gorgeous blend of petals that give a dainty and even enchanted twist to all your floral arrangements.
  • Our Rose Petals which features our dried, freeze, and standard rose petals offer a long lasting unique touch for your wedding, any events or gatherings, and Valentines day.
  • Our Roses David Austin consists of multiple bicolor looks that are romantic and timeless. Use this flower as a focal point in all your table centerpieces.
  • Preserved Roses are long-lasting roses that hold deep and vibrant colors that you can’t get out of any other rose. This flower is perfect for DIYing by incorporating in designs or decor.

FiftyFlowers offers so many types of flowers in a variety of colors to help create your dream arrangements for every season. Whether you’re looking for complimenting wedding colors, that right shade of orange, or that one shade that’s between purple and pink. FiftyFlowers knows the essential part of any event is the importance of the color. Let your imagination run wild with these bulk roses and colors!

Located on the left, it's available to filter by color and by flower to help find the perfect assortment effortlessly, for wholesale roses online at FiftyFlowers. It’s also important to mention our Valentine’s Day bulk collection which is also featured on the rose page. Nothing says Valentine’s Day or I love you like stunning red, white, and pink roses.

Where you can buy roses in bulk?

No more stressing with flowers, find fresh roses wholesale near you by ordering roses in bulk from FiftyFlowers offers fresh cut wholesale roses and so many other flowers. A women-owned business, we thrive on making every event worth celebrating and what’s better than adding flowers? Flowers fix everything in our book so browse our gorgeous collections of roses in bulk for your upcoming wedding or event.

DIY your wedding with FiftyFlowers, we offer bulk flowers and bulk roses for less. We prioritize quality and have award winning customer service. We’re available Monday-Saturday for all your questions! Our goal is to make ordering roses in bulk effortless, easy, and fun.

How to choose the right roses to buy in bulk?

Designed especially for you and your order, our wholesale roses are a gorgeous addition to centerpieces or arrangements. Roses can be hard to choose from but it’s important to know the characteristics of our roses to help differentiate them so you can choose which rose is perfect for you. You know the type of rose we offer and a unique fact about them but let's look at how many roses come as a stem bunch and why.

When choosing flowers for your wedding you want to consider a couple things:

  • Location/Venue: Your venue plays an important role in your wedding. Depending on the feel that you’re looking for, the venue and flowers play hand in hand to make your wedding perfect.
  • Wedding Color Palette: Whether it’s white or caramel colored roses, FiftyFlowers offers a diverse color palette for your wedding.
  • Complimentary Colors to the bride and groom: It’s so important that these colors compliment the bride and groom. The flowers will never outshine you but add to your day
  • Your Price Range: Purchasing bulk flowers for your DIY wedding will inevitably create a lower budget than purchasing your flowers from other vendors. FiftyFlowers hope you find everything you’re looking for, and we want to help.

Choosing the right roses to buy in bulk at FiftyFlowers may feel overwhelming by our vast collection of Roses. Schedule a Flower consultation with one of our in-house floral experts to help create your floral vision to life on your wedding day or special events.

Our collection of roses with stems wholesale ranges from a growers bunch which is 6-8 to 25 stems per bunch. This is based on the type of flower, size of blooms, and the color. Our stem bunches could range from 25, 50, 100, 125, all the way to 250 stem roses. All of our roses feature one bloom per stem.

Where you can use bulk roses?

Get inspired and pair these roses in bulk wholesale in your wedding by featuring them in your:

  1. Bridal Bouquet: Purchase premade or purchase in bulk to DIY the bridal bouquet of your dreams! Add additional filler flowers to complement or look through our large assortment of greenery.
  2. Aisle flower markers: Walk down the aisle surrounded by your favorite roses that will offer a rich unique experience to your special day.
  3. Boutonniere and Corsages: A classic elegant detail to elevate your wedding day, buy premade or DIY it by purchasing our floral supplies kit and bulk rose. A unique addition to our Boutonniere and Corsages DIY combo is that it does feature a tutorial on how to create one.
  4. Table Centerpieces: Enhance your events with a rose table centerpiece! Buy premade or create your own for your wedding, baby shower, holidays, or birthdays.

Save money by purchasing bulk fresh roses for your wedding and do it by trusting the leading brand, FiftyFlowers. Check out our social media pages for all of our bulk rose inspired wedding creations that our FiftyFlowers community has incorporated into their wedding! Check out our Make This Look and Flower Stories tab to get inspired by our FiftyFlowers community from all over the world. Get their experiences on their special day along with their beautiful chosen blooms right here from

Make sure to check out our product details which are located below the flower you click on. This features the stem length, bloom width, scent, and even thorns of that rose. Order wholesale roses online from for your dream trendy rose blooms. Check out our homepage monthly to get flower inspirations based on the season or holidays.

How to care for cut roses?

Once you press your preferred rose flower, located at the bottom is a tab called “Flower Care.” This includes instructions in detail for when you initially receive your flowers and how to make them bloom.Basic Flower Care Instructions:

  • Remove from the box and place in water as soon as possible in clean buckets or vase.
  • Cut about 1 inch off your flower and place stem in prepared water with the flower food that’s given
  • Do not remove the cardboard sleeve until 4-8 hours after roses have enough time to hydrate.
  • Avoid Crowding of flowers
  • Keep in cool dark location

For all of our flowers and roses, we offer a recommended delivery date. For roses, the recommended delivery date is 3 days before your event. This way the flowers bloom on the day of your event. When you receive your flowers they will come looking thirsty but once you place them in water they will look substantially full and dazzling. Buy roses wholesale at FiftyFlowers and make sure if you have any questions to contact FiftyFlowers award-winning live customer service.

How to buy roses in bulk?

Shop wholesale roses near me at and we guaranteed fresh wholesale roses with free delivery on all bulk sales. Click on the Roses tab and find your dream wholesale roses, if you’re looking for specific rose colors or types of roses, make sure to click on the left to filter the flower types and colors. Our roses wholesale prices will vary on the type of rose and the type of color that is chosen. FiftyFlowers offers the best flowers for every occasion from weddings, baby showers, home style, and parties!

The cost of a batch of roses is based on the type of rose, color and amount of roses. The amount of roses could range from 25 stems all the way to 250 stems. From our farms to your arms, browse through our roses today! Once you have chosen your bulk roses, we will carefully package the roses from our flower farms and will deliver them right to your door. Make sure to check the Flower Care tab on how to take care of the roses once they arrive.

Purchasing bulk roses at FiftyFlowers could mean you just want to buy a lot of roses. It can also mean that you’re using it for DIYing in your events like weddings, baby showers, or anniversaries. Our bulk roses are featured in some of our DIY Flower Combo packs which give you everything you need for that floral arrangement or your DIY designs for those flowers. These DIY Flower Combos design and vibe are created from our floral expert and flower farms just for you to DIY. You can also buy your flowers in bulk which means that you can choose exactly the amount you want from greenery to flowers to the colors of that flower. FiftyFlowers wants to celebrate with you make sure to enter our #WinYourWeddingFlowers Photo Contest for a chance to win amazing prizes. Each photo entry will get a free bouquet of flowers! We can’t wait to see how you buy your roses in bulk.