July Barn Wedding (In record-breaking heat!)

We ordered from two wholesalers because I was afraid of getting stuck if things didn't go well with one. The numbers above (arrangements, etc.) are guesstimates and include flowers from other wholesaler. Originally, we wanted orders delivered the Thursday before Sat. evening wedding, but fiftyflowers insisted that Wednesday was a better delivery date for most of our selections. We had to change our travel timeline, and I was worried that some flowers wouldn't last until the event due to the heat, etc. but it all worked perfectly. The flowers arrived in great condition (with the exception of the very sad seeded eucalyptus). I was really impressed. Fiftyflowers was great about updating with tracking numbers, etc. Prep is very time-consuming - get your buckets ready! We worked in a cool garage with a hose for water supply, but no easy place to dump extra water which was a pain. You will make a mess, and you will need space if you are working with a lot of flowers (I really can't imagine doing this in someone's kitchen). A big long table makes everything easier - especially making arrangements and bouquets so you can spread out. Having a lot of flowers to choose from makes arranging a snap! All in all, a really fun experience, made easier by Fiftyflowers.

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